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Donagh Long
I City walls where the neon spits as it falls Two dark shadows fade in the night This is no place for love and in the park where the streetlight kisses the dark Silent waves and times they're own They'll have their own way now II In the nighttime neon sunset leaps out of the heart of the city streets To the pavement where the dancing girls go down to another world Where the bright lights always sine From the pale love and the painted face cheap disguises of another race Where the sweet life and the flowing wine makes me Light in my head Dan takes the trouble off my mind But I know that goes so far Chorus We could be like lovers too dancing in this frozen room Hold me, hold me, stand so close Take the time don't leave, don't leave me here there's danger III I heard the voices in the night, flashing in the hills The smell of burning on the wind We could be in danger from the strangers here inside From the glory in their lives And the passion in their eyes Chorus & repeat II

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