Mary Black App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Mary Black App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

We have just released an app for Mary Black in the Apple app store. This app for Mary Black gives you access to an extensive archive of information about Mary Black right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (requires iOS 4.1 or higher).

The app not only contains almost all the information you can find on the website such as news, concert dates, the discography, all songs and lyrics, the library and all official videos, but it also presents it to you in an enhanced manner. For example, it keeps track of which news items and library articles you have already read. It shows you where venues are on a map and it can link the list of songs to the songs in the music library of your device so you have access to all songs from within the app. And those songs that you don't own will have access to a sound clip or iTunes if the song is for sale there.

But the app also contains two Mary Black related games: In "Recognize the Lyrics" you are presented with a sentence of eight words from a randomly chosen song and you have to guess from which song that sentence is. In "Pitch Perfect" a fragment of a Mary Black song is being played but at the incorrect pitch. It is up to you to set the pitch as it ought to be.

The app also contains a Song of the Day feature: each day features one Mary Black song. Everyone around the world using this app will be listening to that same song. A great way to become part of the world-wide Mary Black community and to experience the extensive library of Mary's repertoire throughout the year.

A lot of information found in the app can be shared with your friends via e-mail, sms and/or Twitter (Twitter on iOS 5 and higher only).

If you have a iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 4.1 of higher (if not, use iTunes to see if you can upgrade your device to iOS 4.1), you can download the app in the Apple App Store. Please also be so kind to rate the app in the App Store after you have used it for a while.