Contest: Win a promo CD of 'Marguerite and the Gambler'

Contest: Win a promo CD of 'Marguerite and the Gambler'

Mary's new single Marguerite and the Gambler is currently only available digitally via online shops such as iTunes, Amazon and Play. However, a limited amount of promo CD's have been made of this single for radio stations. And now you can win one of these promo CD's by answering one question. Before the actual question, first a brief introduction to the question:

Marguerite and the Gambler' tells the age old story Mary told in her first solo recording 'Anachie Gordon'. The first time Mary performed 'Anachie Gordon' on TV was by invitation of Christy Moore. This TV program was not a live broadcast. The day it was broadcasted was also special day in Mary's life for a more personal reason.

Here is the question:

Why was the day that Mary's first TV performance of 'Anachie Gordon' was broadcasted so special to Mary (besides the broadcast itself)?

As the contest is closed, you can no longer send in your answers.