New website contest winners

New website contest winners

About a month ago, we started a contest for celebrate the release of the new website.

In this contest we asked you to explore the new website to answer the following three questions:

  1. List, in order, the 3 songs that have the most song versions (notice: distinct song versions, not the amount of tracks) . Also include the amount of versions for those songs. Do not count versions labeled “sheet music”.
  2. What is the venue that Mary has played the most in inside of Ireland (since 1999)?
  3. What is the venue that Mary has played the most in outside of Ireland (since 1999)?

The correct answers to these questions are:

  1. Song for Ireland: 7 versions, No Frontiers: 6 versions, Katie: 5 versions
  2. Olympia, Dublin
  3. The Birchmere, Alexandria (VA), USA

It seems that the contest was a bit too difficult as we only received three correct entries. As we had prizes for 10 winners, we have decided to use the remaining prizes that are not awarded with this contest for a new (easier) contest that we will set up soon.

The winners for this contest are:

  1. Steve Enright
  2. Lore Leanne
  3. Lee Lord
Congratulations. We will send the prizes to you as soon as possible.