Transcript of chat session with Mary Black on 18/19 February 2006

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natasja maters: hey
celticoma: Hi Mary
huub: hello mary
FionaMP: HI Mary
Whealy: Hello Mary
Niamh: hi
NiaC86: Hi
marjie: Hello from Marjie and Amandine ! ! ! !
trinity: hi Mary !
Darren: Hi Mary
Mike: Hi Mary!!!!!!!!
maryblack: well hello to everybody who is tuning in
kazigoda: Hi Mary, we hope you're not too tired.
Koen NL: hello Mary
Whealy: Great to see you again.
natasja maters: hi
natasja maters: are pim and luuk gone?
marijke: Hi
falchion: Hi Mary
maryblack: i am very excited to be here
Koen NL: great concert tonight Mary. very special again
Marsha: Hi Mary, thanks so much for coming along!
Darren: Mary is great to see you online
Whealy: How did the concert go tonight
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maryblack: There is always a chance that I would tour with Frances. It is just finding the time. We are both busy.
Darren: Mary before you go I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and hospitality and always taking time to chat after concerts and online. It is
soo much apprceciated
celticoma: but the cruise is right now-only the brothers made it this year
Mike: Mary... what about a folk album? mary black with dedannan... sort of like van did with the chiefatins?
NiaC86: That would be great
Whealy: Are there plans yet of when the next tour is coming to holland.
Leon: ok \
janet: do you come next year again in holland?
maryblack: Roisin loves to sing, she would love to be more involved in entertainment. She is still young yet
Whealy: Everytime i bring along more fans for you mary!
maryblack: Roisin sang Katie with me tonight
k: looking forward to the london concert - have you sung at the Barbican before? It's a fantastic location!
Koen NL: how old is she? round 17?
celtmagic310: that is my fAVORITE mary
mkk: mary, Mark Knopfler's: A night in summer Long ago.. its very nice to sing i think
Niamh: do roisin and danny get along?
Mike: Is it Roisin singing the harmonies on St Kilda on the album? LOVE that song!
maryblack: Mike, I love folk music and again there is always a chance that I do a folk album, it depends on how I am feeling at any given time.
kazigoda: Roisin was a little girl when she sang "A Woman's Heart" with you in Osaka, 1997. It was such a memorable evening!
maryblack: It would be great to come back next year, but probably a bit longer
NiaC86: Have you sung at the Sage in Gateshead before, cant wait to see u there in June
bob: What is the content of your show, how much material from the new cd and from others?
maryblack: Roisin and Danny get along great
Whealy: Did you played the song ring them bells lately on tour
phil.neill: why u been away from belfast so long. i'm going in may
FionaMP: The acoustics in the Sage are fabulous
Nebraska: All your songs and performances are fantastic
Mike: Mark Knopfler is releasing a duet album with Emmylou some time soon... sounds interesting!
mkk: .
janet: I hope also in groningen
Whealy: That also a great song A womans heart
maryblack: Yes, Roisin is sing with me on the new album. Can't remember which songs again. Check the sleeve.
celticoma: gotta go-grandkids here. Thanks so much Mary and Mark. Be well everyone!!
kazigoda: I've been listening to Billie Holiday a lot these days. I'm "rediscovering" her music. Do you still listen to her albums?
maryblack: No, haven't played Ring them Bells. It is a beautiful song, but haven't sung it lately
hans: the blackfamily is coing on, very good mary!
Whealy: I sing it a lot.
FionaMP: Funnilly enough, I'm listening to Ring Them Bells at the Moment
maryblack: Haven't toured in Ireland for a few years. So looking forward to heading back to Belfast
marijke: Hi Mary, Here Marijke, have you got the stroopwafels from your fans, so I take them monday!!!!!
Whealy: It's one that I can also play
Niamh: we love the video of you and Eleanor McEvoy singing "A Woman's Heart" on the late late show
Unkka: Do you get to sing the songs YOU like or do you have to sing what the audience might like to hear?
Leon: have you ever forgot your lyrics at a concert ?
maryblack: Yes, I still would revisit Billie Holiday's album from time to time
Darren: Mary you sang once with Maura O'Connell, Blue Train on TV, it was amazing, any idea where to get that footage or what show it was on?
maryblack: Yes, I did even tonight. Sometimes if I forget words I make them up as I go along
Mike: Mary - will Steve Cooney be joining you on the UK tour? (BIG admirer of his songs and musical ability!)
Jkelly: How often do you practice, or vocalize when you're touring?
NiaC86: Have you any plans to do anymore duets! Love I will be there with Paul Brady
phil.neill: i heard u in the spires belfast 3 nights in a row . cant wait till may
maryblack: No, Steve is busy at the moment working with Sinead O'Connor. With I will miss him
kazigoda: Ella Fitzgerald used to make them up, too.!
maryblack: I am afraid I don't practice hardly at all. But I sing around the house.
hans: lovely to be your neighbour
Whealy: Did you ever had lessons in singing?
Marsha: Mary, thanks so much for your time. You're fabulous on and off stage, look forward to seeing you again soon.
Mike: what's your favourite curry?
maryblack: Phil, I don't remember playing in the spires.
FionaMP: Do you think you'll continue to tour for a while yet ( indefinately even)............Please!!
Leon: and if you had lessons, was it hard to do ?
christel: Ever thought of covering a U2 song? Or is this not your cup of tea?
Unkka: Do you get to sing the songs YOU like or do you have to sing what the audience might like to hear?
maryblack: hans, are you from Cuas?
hans: no mary, i was at your concert in maastricht last week
. of Ireland & its music, Nebraska here please consider the Lied Centre ,its fantastic venue
maryblack: I never had singing lessons. but I was in great choir in school.
phil.neill: it was 7 or 8 years ago.probably a new name for an old venue
Jkelly: My husband is a musician,songwriter,etc,(working with Derek Warfield at the moment0 He seeems to learn a new song in short order. How hard is it to learn
something new?
Whealy: Some people don't need lessons
Whealy: They just have it.
maryblack: I love U2, but never thought of doing a cover of theirs because they do their own songs so well
Whealy: Same with songwriters
Darren: You any plans to sing or tour with Eileen Laverty again?
maryblack: Learning something new gets harder as you get older, but once it goes into the memory bank it seems to stay
NiaC86: I think you could probably do any song justice
Whealy: They just wright songs, i think you need to have it and you dont learn to wright songs
Niamh: is connor musical at
Jkelly: Yeah, that's whayt he says!
maryblack: No plans to sing with Eileen at the moment
maryblack: Yes, Conor is passionate about music and plays guitar and bass
Leon: did you always want to be a singer ?
Koen NL: i'm off. thanx for the great night Mary. And say hi to Roisin for me. see you next time in Enschede
huub: Mary, what other things do you like to do?
hans: how do you like this way of communication with people from all over the world?
maryblack: Yes, I always wanted to be a singer, but didn't have any great amitions to become famous as such.
Unkka: I must be thankful for our library for finding you. They had your collection and that was when I first heard your beautiful voice. I guess they do something right in
Finland too
NiaC86: Is Full Moon written about anyone in particular? Beautiful Song
Whealy: what do you love to do when youre not singing
Niamh: Do you like to read in you spare time
Nebraska: Lucky people to see Mary, have many of her CDs and Black Album
aryblack: I like to paint, I like to walk in the country and I love Gaelic Football and enjoy very much watching my children play.
NiaC86: Are you a Kerry Supporter?
Whealy: What language do you speak when youre at home. Irish? I heard there is still less people speaking irish
maryblack: Sandy Denny wrote Full Moon. No doubt it is about someone she loved very much.
NiaC86: thanks
christel: Do you have something like a ultimate goal in your professional life? Since you already reached the top?
Mike: Mary... I'm coming to Dublin with my wife next month... can you recommend a bar that may have a good session going?
maryblack: First and foremost I am a Dublin supporter, but when they are not playing I support Kerry
zwiebel60: Mark, do you have tompoezen for Mary tonight?
Nebraska: Black Family CD that is, when my family visit from Ireland, usually bring your music. My daughter is musical she has played from your songbook at school
concerts, here in the Heartland of West. Nerbr.
marijke: Is it possible to have a fanmeeting in Dingle in 2006?? I want to sing for you Mary!
NiaC86: My Grandad was a Massive Cavan supporter, so much so my little brother is called Cavan
Whealy: is ther a difference between gealic football and another football?
maryblack: I am very happy to be able to go out and tour in nice places and have people come to see me. That is success for me.
huub: Mary, do you have pets?
Whealy: or is it a kind of soccer
msetten (admin): no tompoezen
Whealy: HAHAAH
maryblack: Gaelic football is the best football game in the world!
Unkka: I think it's great how you keep Irish alive. I'm a lingvist so that really concearns me.
NiaC86: yeah I agree
Whealy: I look it up on the internet!
janet: i,ve seen some of your paintings but I don't remember where they where very good.... I am an art teacher so I now something about that
Nebraska: Again, please consider coming.....
maryblack: Gaelic football is a cross between Rugby and Australian rules. It is very physical and very exciting.
NiaC86: very messy
Jkelly: Mary, Please go to Nebraska before the poor man has a breakdown lol!
NiaC86: lol
kazigoda: Sounds like mobile wrestling!
Whealy: It's were you grew up with. Was it with skating maybe that was a great sport.
NiaC86: no no its not that bad
msetten (admin): We are closing down in about 5 minutes. so any pressing questions?
NiaC86: not quite as much contact as rugby
phil.neill: how do you rate nanci griffith i believe she said u had the voice of an angel
NiaC86: Thanks for being here tonight Mary, its been great, looking forward to seeing you in Gateshead
Whealy: Oh thats great i dont like the contact in rugby.
celtmagic310: thank u mary
maryblack: Dear Jkelly, I would love to go to Nebraska. It is not really up to me but to the promotors in the US
hans: no questions, but i want to thank you mary for your time and i hope to see you soon on stage again, love hans!
huub: mary..your cd Full Tide is just out but are you already busy with a new album?
zwiebel60: No question, but thank you both, Mary and Mark and thank you Mary for a great night yesterday in Groningen!
Niamh: thanks for the chat - your music touches our hearts!
Unkka: Still nagging about the EP, sorry. Is it going to be available anywhere else but on the website?
Jkelly: If I sent you a link to my husbands website would you take a listen to his music?
Whealy: I think its a hard sport with a lot of injurys.
Nebraska: This is a 59 year old woman from Finglas Dublin!
Whealy: i compare it with american football
janet: I hope to see yoy next year in holland
NiaC86: not too many injuries
Darren: Thanks Mark for this! And Mary safe touring and I'll give Mr Wogan a few calls and get ya lots of air play and do my bit. See ya soon x
Jkelly: Sorry, Nebr!
Mike: Thanks for your time Mary... hope u r enjoying that beer... see you in Manchester in June xx
Whealy: What does EP mean.
maryblack: For many years I have been a fan of Nancy Griffith. I was lucky enough to singing with her early on in my career and she was very very gratious.
phil.neill: thanks mary take care
marijke: Mary, i am looking forwards the concert in Rotterdam
maryblack: Not yet busy with a new album. Taking a nice breather and promoting this one.
Whealy: Do you know Allan Taylor, mary black.
NiaC86: What is your favourite song of nancy's?
Whealy: Also a great songwrigter
maryblack: The EP will only be available on the website for now
Leon: mary, do you have an idol ?
MARJIE AND AMANDINE: we're still waiting for the mary black christmas album
Koen NL: mary...any plans to sing a duet with Andrea Corr. i think you voices would be great together
falchion: What is your favourite song on the new album?
Leon: (an idol, in singing)
celtmagic310: mary im an actress and i want to use ur songs as preshow so everyone can hear it
maryblack: Darren, please give Terry plenty of calls. I would be delighted.
phil.neill: any more thoughts on u and bagpipes? i'll pipe 4 free
Darren: I will do, sure thing Mary
maryblack: The Real You is my favourite song on the new album
Mike: I LOVE Nanci Griffith... my second favourite singer
janet: my favourite is to make you feel my love
celtmagic310: i luv st kilda too marjie
falchion: Any reason why
Unkka: Thanks, Mary. Loved having you here to lighten up my Sunday morning!
zwiebel60: Mine is Full Moon
maryblack: Phil, If I need a bagpiper, you da man
huub: Mary do you have pets at your home..like cats?
Darren: Just remembered a last question, have you ever heard of Karan Casey from Waterford?
Mike: Mary... do you know what Dolores Keane is up to at the moment... not hedard anything about her for a long while??
NiaC86: Mine is Full Moon but Song for ireland is my all time favourite
Whealy: or dogs?
maryblack: I have two adorable dogs and a cat
FionaMP: Any plans to cover more of Dougie McLean's material? You always do it justice
Whealy: What breed?!
celtmagic310: awww what kinds of dogs
Leon: what's the name of you pets ?
Whealy: I have a labrador
maryblack: Dougie McLean is a great songwriter. No plans cover songs at the moment, but would never rule it out
christel: Mary when you're on a tour, do you get the opportunity to see something of the places you visit?
phil.neill: i'll give u my number in may belfast. background pipes(class)
falchion: Why is the real you on the new album your favourite song
maryblack: One jack russell called Paddy, one is a sheep dog called Charlie and Sheeba is our cat
Whealy: How many songs to get were you can choose of.
janet: I have a dutch sheep dog
maryblack: Listen guys... I am getting tired. It is has been a long couple of days and I think I should make my way home.
hans: mary, time is running, sleep well and all the best in your life, may be till next time.
janet: sleep well to night
trinity: thanks for staying up with us!
zwiebel60: Bye, Mary, sleep well
FionaMP: Thanks for taking the time Mary- see you in gateshead>
Jkelly: Thanks so much for your time!
Niamh: bye
maryblack: But I just like to thank you all for making the time to be part of this chat and to let you know I really appreciate your support.
Whealy: John Wright sings a lovely song about a sheep dog and his herd?????
Unkka: Bye, bye!
NiaC86: Safe Home and look forward to seeing you in Gateshead
huub: mary thanks a million visiting us here after the concert tonuight
Darren: Thanks so much again! Night safe home and see you all soon!
falchion: Goodnight XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
marijke: Sleep well Mary and Mark I see you Monday in Utrecht
christel: bye, bye
celtmagic310: well thank u mary this was aewsome
Whealy: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us
huub: god bless mary and Ireland
Whealy: Love You!!!
Whealy: Bye
Darren: x
kazigoda: Thank you so very much, Mary! We all LOVE you dearly!
huub: xxxxxxxx
Lidy21: goodnight, sleep tight......thanks for visiting the chatroom..xxxxx
Leon: ajuus mary
marijke: thanks
maryblack: Goodby and take care of yourselves.
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