Transcript of chat session with Mary Black on 17/18 October 2003

Fri Oct 17 18:04:07 2003:mark [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:04:11 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Hi all
Fri Oct 17 18:04:15 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Lovely West of Ireland.
Fri Oct 17 18:04:17 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:hi mark
Fri Oct 17 18:04:18 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:heah mark
Fri Oct 17 18:04:20 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:hallo again
Fri Oct 17 18:04:20 2003:mark [0/] Msg:I am here, Mary will be here very very soon
Fri Oct 17 18:04:22 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Dag Mark, lekker gegeten ?
Fri Oct 17 18:04:24 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:I came across mary 5 years ago, a friend lent me Shine ... Hi Mark!
Fri Oct 17 18:04:26 2003:boef [0/] Msg:is ze klaar met zingen Mark ?
Fri Oct 17 18:04:27 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:ya i love it.
Fri Oct 17 18:04:27 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Hi Mark
Fri Oct 17 18:04:29 2003:mary [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:04:39 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:hi mary!!
Fri Oct 17 18:04:41 2003:boef [0/] Msg:Evening Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:04:42 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Hello mary
Fri Oct 17 18:04:43 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:Hello Mary!
Fri Oct 17 18:04:43 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Hi Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:04:45 2003:broton [0/] Msg:hi mary
Fri Oct 17 18:04:46 2003:andrew [0/] Msg:Hi Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:04:47 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:hello Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:04:50 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:hi mary
Fri Oct 17 18:05:00 2003:Rosie [0/] Msg:Evening Mary!
Fri Oct 17 18:05:02 2003:broton [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:05:11 2003:marijke [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:05:11 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Hope you are fine
Fri Oct 17 18:05:21 2003:broton [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:05:23 2003:boef [0/] Msg:how was the concert tonight
Fri Oct 17 18:05:25 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Hallo Marijke
Fri Oct 17 18:05:26 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Hello everybody
Fri Oct 17 18:05:35 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:how is your mom?
Fri Oct 17 18:05:47 2003:mary [0/] Msg:it is exciting to have a chat with ye all
Fri Oct 17 18:06:00 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:whereabouts are you now Mary?
Fri Oct 17 18:06:02 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Its really great for us too Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:06:09 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I am Enschede
Fri Oct 17 18:06:22 2003:marijke [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:06:25 2003:Rosie [0/] Msg:Did you just finish concert???
Fri Oct 17 18:06:28 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Thanks for joining us Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:06:46 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Yes, I did. It was very good, lots of response which always makes me happy
Fri Oct 17 18:07:09 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Great
Fri Oct 17 18:07:18 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Who wants to ask the first question?
Fri Oct 17 18:07:25 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Mary, you just get better and better, and I want to thank you very much for the meeting at Dingle. That was a day I will cherish.
Fri Oct 17 18:07:31 2003:Yolande [0/] Msg:Mary thank you for your concert last monday and for signing some of the cd'
Fri Oct 17 18:07:38 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:How is working without Bill [ Shanley ] ?
Fri Oct 17 18:07:49 2003:broton [0/] Msg:hi mary your guitarist bill shanley was not joining tou this last tour how come?
Fri Oct 17 18:08:04 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Different, you get used to playing with musicians who become your friends, so you miss them
Fri Oct 17 18:08:17 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:understand
Fri Oct 17 18:08:22 2003:mary [0/] Msg:But I have two great musicians replacing him on this trip: Steve Cooney and Shane Howard
Fri Oct 17 18:08:26 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:08:28 2003:marijke [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:08:36 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Hi Mary, hope you're well. Your brother Michael asked me to " say hello form the rest of the siblings " [ his words ] . I got his e-mail because I e-mailed him about tickets for my daughter Linda for the show in San Francisco last saturday with Frances.
Fri Oct 17 18:08:51 2003:broton [0/] Msg:I think he is a fine mucician i missed him too
Fri Oct 17 18:08:59 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:Mary i have a question for you which would proberly not be the norm for in here but i didnt know how else to contact you.
Fri Oct 17 18:09:09 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:uhoh
Fri Oct 17 18:09:15 2003:mary [0/] Msg:What is the question
Fri Oct 17 18:09:30 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:I gave birth to a son, Ben last Monday the 6th.
Fri Oct 17 18:09:51 2003:karens [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:09:51 2003:boef [0/] Msg:congratulations
Fri Oct 17 18:09:52 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:congratulations !
Fri Oct 17 18:09:53 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:congratulations
Fri Oct 17 18:10:00 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Congrats!
Fri Oct 17 18:10:03 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:congratulations
Fri Oct 17 18:10:07 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:He was born at 5.55pm but sadly he passed away to become an angel around 4 hours later.
Fri Oct 17 18:10:22 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:I'm sorry
Fri Oct 17 18:10:23 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:oh, so sorry
Fri Oct 17 18:10:24 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Sorry to hear that
Fri Oct 17 18:10:28 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Sorry to hear that
Fri Oct 17 18:10:30 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:at his funeral i played wonder child
Fri Oct 17 18:10:32 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I am really sad to hear that
Fri Oct 17 18:10:33 2003:marijke [0/] Msg:My mother is Monday 89 years YOUNG can a have a special request ?marijke
Fri Oct 17 18:10:48 2003:karens [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:10:49 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Marijke just wait a moment.
Fri Oct 17 18:11:00 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:a song i heard 7 years ago when i gave birth to my first son.
Fri Oct 17 18:11:09 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:what a lovely thing to do, angel-dawn
Fri Oct 17 18:11:09 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:thank you mary.
Fri Oct 17 18:11:35 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:i would really like to sing and record that song for a local charity
Fri Oct 17 18:11:36 2003:daveb [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:11:47 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Loosing a child is one of the worst things that can happen.
Fri Oct 17 18:12:01 2003:boef [0/] Msg:a lot of your songs give people spirit !
Fri Oct 17 18:12:11 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:hi room
Fri Oct 17 18:12:12 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:yes but little ben has been good to me.
Fri Oct 17 18:12:16 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:hence we are grateful Mary!
Fri Oct 17 18:12:28 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:i am grateful for the time i had with him.
Fri Oct 17 18:12:46 2003:mary [0/] Msg:My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Fri Oct 17 18:12:54 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Msg:hi mary, are you planning another gig in killarney next summer... I have to plan the holidays and I am afraid that is a factor determining the destination if you know toni...
Fri Oct 17 18:12:54 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:would it be ok for me to record that song?
Fri Oct 17 18:13:01 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Our thoughts will be with you
Fri Oct 17 18:13:04 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:thank you mary.
Fri Oct 17 18:13:27 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Anyone can record any of my songs
Fri Oct 17 18:13:47 2003:broton [0/] Msg:but i cant sing as you do
Fri Oct 17 18:13:58 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:Noone can.
Fri Oct 17 18:14:03 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:would there not be any leagl angles to cover?
Fri Oct 17 18:14:05 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:so true
Fri Oct 17 18:14:08 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Already we are talking to a return visit to Killarney next summer. We had such a good time.
Fri Oct 17 18:14:16 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I like to do it again.
Fri Oct 17 18:14:16 2003:boef [0/] Msg:Or play as Bill
Fri Oct 17 18:14:30 2003:broton [0/] Msg:thanks boef
Fri Oct 17 18:14:37 2003:boef [0/] Msg:just kidding Broton
Fri Oct 17 18:14:42 2003:broton [0/] Msg:i know
Fri Oct 17 18:14:46 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:I was sorry to hear about the cancelled concert in Groningen (luckily I got in the 11th!) so what did you do on your unexpected day off?
Fri Oct 17 18:14:50 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:That would be great mary Killarney was such a great time and thanks to Mark to
Fri Oct 17 18:15:03 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Please wait.
Fri Oct 17 18:15:07 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Not all at the same time
Fri Oct 17 18:15:42 2003:mary [0/] Msg:No, as far as I know, once a song has already been recorded, anyone else can do it. You might want to check this however with a publishing company
Fri Oct 17 18:15:45 2003:Ray [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:16:17 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:Might you do a fan day in America one day, the mid-west?
Fri Oct 17 18:16:34 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:and the left coast too?
Fri Oct 17 18:16:41 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Msg:ok thank you. it is in aid of the maternity wing in castlebar county mayo to show thanks for their king support.
Fri Oct 17 18:17:12 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Last sunday, my son Danny was playing in an All Ireland final (minor gaelic football). And seeing as I stood on the sideline for the last ten years I really didn' t want to miss seeing his team represent Dublin.
Fri Oct 17 18:17:32 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Your brother Michael asked me to " say hello form the rest of the siblings " [ his words ] . I got his e-mail because I e-mailed him about tickets for my daughter Linda for the show in San Francisco last saturday with Frances.
Fri Oct 17 18:17:56 2003:mary [0/] Msg:For the fan day, you might never know, no plans yet
Fri Oct 17 18:18:08 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:sorry they lost, next time
Fri Oct 17 18:18:16 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Mary, i was on holiday the last time you played Newcastle and I missed you by three hours is there a tour planned for the UK soon?
Fri Oct 17 18:18:31 2003:Raynr1 [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:18:37 2003:mary [0/] Msg:No plans for a UK tour yet. But maybe next year.
Fri Oct 17 18:18:52 2003:Ellie [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:18:58 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Mary do you have any plans for a new Album?
Fri Oct 17 18:19:17 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Thanx and i cant wait to hear you live again
Fri Oct 17 18:19:26 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:i'm afraid you will never be allowed to retire-we'll miss you too much
Fri Oct 17 18:19:33 2003:boef [0/] Msg:do you have something to drink ? Cheers on your concerts in Holland !
Fri Oct 17 18:19:46 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Well, I have had some thoughts about a new album. Until now, I didn't feel really ready to take on a new album, but lately I have been feeling, maybe it is time.
Fri Oct 17 18:19:51 2003:Yolande [0/] Msg:Mary is there a chance seeing Frances and you together on the stage?
Fri Oct 17 18:20:07 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Msg:mary, a question from kazi... is your version of lay down your weary tune based on the byrds version or any other one?
Fri Oct 17 18:20:19 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Well we love all the old songs, thanks Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:20:37 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Well, you know the Black Family will be playing in the Carribean next year. If you want you can buy a very expensive ticket for the cruise ;-)
Fri Oct 17 18:20:37 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:any clues on the songs or styles you are thinking of recording this time? I love the new ones too, and old.
Fri Oct 17 18:20:58 2003:Ellie [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:21:05 2003:mary [0/] Msg:No clues on the songs yet.
Fri Oct 17 18:21:08 2003:broton [0/] Msg:Mary i liked the bob dylan song you did, "ay down your..........."Is ther more bob dylan comming up?
Fri Oct 17 18:21:25 2003:mary [0/] Msg:You mean Lay Down You Weary Tune
Fri Oct 17 18:21:32 2003:broton [0/] Msg:jes
Fri Oct 17 18:21:33 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:Perhaps some more Dougie McLean covers? (I heard you were a fan too)
Fri Oct 17 18:21:42 2003:Raynr1 [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:21:51 2003:mary [0/] Msg:You know he is a great writer, but there are also many great writers out there. Who knows...
Fri Oct 17 18:22:00 2003:Rej [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:22:06 2003:broton [0/] Msg:James taylor?
Fri Oct 17 18:22:26 2003:Rej [0/] Msg:Hello to all
Fri Oct 17 18:22:40 2003:mary [0/] Msg:These are all great writers, there is no point in me saying me maybe. Wait and see.
Fri Oct 17 18:22:51 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Wished you do Sonny again ?
Fri Oct 17 18:23:12 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Maybe will do Sonny before the end of this dutch tour.
Fri Oct 17 18:23:26 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Please in Carre ?
Fri Oct 17 18:23:27 2003:angel_dawn [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:23:27 2003:marijke [0/] Msg:Dear Mary and MAEVE, Mary Our mothers get a "SPECIAL HAND " (my mother is 89 on Monday, Mary can you sing for them BRIGHT BLEU ROSE on Tuesday it will be GREAT, Marijke and Jelle
Fri Oct 17 18:23:43 2003:mary [0/] Msg:We willl have a look for it.
Fri Oct 17 18:23:46 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:You diversified away for awhile from traditional do you think that it was a good move?
Fri Oct 17 18:24:06 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Marijke, I will sing Bright Blue Rose.
Fri Oct 17 18:24:15 2003:Hanneke [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:24:24 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Mary on the cruise, how many songs or nights will you be on stage?
Fri Oct 17 18:24:25 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Hi hanneke
Fri Oct 17 18:24:29 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:sorry I'm late
Fri Oct 17 18:24:33 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:hi all!
Fri Oct 17 18:24:37 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:never mind
Fri Oct 17 18:24:37 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:Hi Mary!
Fri Oct 17 18:24:59 2003:Hanneke [0/] JoinRoom:Main_Chat
Fri Oct 17 18:25:03 2003:Hanneke [0/] JoinRoom:_
Fri Oct 17 18:25:13 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I was never strictly traditional singer, I was always influences by contemporary music and therefor have tried to combine both.
Fri Oct 17 18:25:35 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:it's the perfect mixture
Fri Oct 17 18:25:41 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Usually we do three nights for about on hour on the cruise
Fri Oct 17 18:25:50 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:ok ta
Fri Oct 17 18:25:53 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:which do you think has been better/
Fri Oct 17 18:26:44 2003:marijke [0/] Msg:Mary, I do a prayer for you (and your Family, (in my PYAMA'!!) Many thanks its a real present for my mom!!! Hope your mother is oke, I know your worried about her!
Fri Oct 17 18:27:08 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Any other questions? Who?
Fri Oct 17 18:27:21 2003:andrew [0/] Msg:I have one
Fri Oct 17 18:27:26 2003:boef [0/] Msg:Shane played before the concert in Utercht. Is he doing that before every concert ?
Fri Oct 17 18:27:39 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:I love how you have experimented with so many styles of singing, do you think one day Roisin would like to tour and sing with you? That would be lovely to hear, she also sang beautifully on the DVD.
Fri Oct 17 18:27:48 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Yes, Shane plays beautifully before every concert.
Fri Oct 17 18:27:52 2003:andrew [0/] Msg:Mary my family love bless the road, do you know if there is a story behind it?
Fri Oct 17 18:27:54 2003:boef [0/] Msg:I love the song with the didgeridoo
Fri Oct 17 18:28:26 2003:mary [0/] Msg:It is something that I might enjoy, but maybe Roisin wouldn't.
Fri Oct 17 18:28:28 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Msg:mary, is lay down your weary tune based on the Byrds or any one else?
Fri Oct 17 18:28:31 2003:marijke [0/] Msg:fMark, it was good to see you and your family in Nijmegen, thanks for ALL!!
Fri Oct 17 18:28:49 2003:broton [0/] Msg:On the dvd your singing with emmylou harris is there a change this happends again
Fri Oct 17 18:28:54 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:Marijke, it was good to see you (sat next to you, remember?)!!
Fri Oct 17 18:29:03 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:Mary, if you hadn' become a singer what would you have become?
Fri Oct 17 18:29:14 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I heard a version from Tim O'Brien on an album called Red On Blonde.
Fri Oct 17 18:29:37 2003:broton [0/] Msg:tim o brien is great
Fri Oct 17 18:29:37 2003:mary [0/] Msg:God knows what I would have become.
Fri Oct 17 18:29:38 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:I like that version
Fri Oct 17 18:30:01 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:but what else is there you would love to do, besides singing?
Fri Oct 17 18:30:19 2003:mary [0/] Msg:There was some talk about a possible Woman' Heart tour in America which would possiblly involve Emmylou. But at present it is not confirmed.
Fri Oct 17 18:30:30 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:(thanks Hanneke ;) )
Fri Oct 17 18:30:39 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:That would be great !
Fri Oct 17 18:30:39 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I like to paint.
Fri Oct 17 18:31:12 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:Have you used oil paints?
Fri Oct 17 18:31:16 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Would you do a fan day like the one in July?
Fri Oct 17 18:31:21 2003:mark [0/] Msg:again?
Fri Oct 17 18:31:51 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Yes, I have I find them very difficult, I prefer acrylic
Fri Oct 17 18:32:06 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Mary must have become the female Michael Flaghtety I've seen the photos on the album cover
Fri Oct 17 18:32:25 2003:Rosie [0/] Msg:You mention on the dvd (love the cd/dvd!) that "I would have to sing it to remember it". Have you ever thought how many songs you can sing by heart?
Fri Oct 17 18:32:32 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I would definitely, If I do a concert I would like us all up the day after.
Fri Oct 17 18:32:35 2003:karens [0/] Msg:And I can attest, that 3 nights is not enough of the family singing together on the cruise...but they were unforgettable nights of music this past January...thanks Mary...we'll probably do the crusise again in another couple of years.
Fri Oct 17 18:32:38 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Because I enjoyed it so much.
Fri Oct 17 18:32:47 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Msg:mary, I read in a newspaper you have taken up fishing, have you caught anything yet and if so, what kind of fish?
Fri Oct 17 18:32:55 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:I think it would be neat if you used one of your paitnings for an album cover, like Joni Mitchell did, that would be a gem.
Fri Oct 17 18:33:08 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:We did too Mary, Dingle was absolutely brialliant
Fri Oct 17 18:33:42 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I haven't caught nothing yet. I am a beginner.
Fri Oct 17 18:33:47 2003:Rej [0/] Msg:Mary (and others!), could you please convince my friend Hanneke that she has to go to the concert in Carre? I just know she will feel bad if she misses out on your last concert over here...
Fri Oct 17 18:34:09 2003:boef [0/] Msg:Aren't you tired ? i am and i didn't have to sing tonight....How do you stay in condition ?
Fri Oct 17 18:34:14 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Hanneke, you will be mad to miss it.
Fri Oct 17 18:34:35 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:Mary, what do you think it would take for a person to sing like you? or at least a little bit like you? can anybody learn it by training their voice?
Fri Oct 17 18:34:50 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I put the blinkers on and work very hard when I am touring. But when I go home, I love to put my feet up.
Fri Oct 17 18:35:01 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Now Mary you would say that!!
Fri Oct 17 18:35:03 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:I know I will.... it's just the ride back which will be difficult for me
Fri Oct 17 18:35:31 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:What about some useful advise for a choir singer without the guts to go solo?
Fri Oct 17 18:35:56 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:have a pint or two
Fri Oct 17 18:35:59 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I don't think you can learn from someone how to sing, you have to be inspired and you have to continuosely perform and develop a style that represents who you are as a singer.
Fri Oct 17 18:36:30 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Of course, you will have to have talent as well.
Fri Oct 17 18:36:46 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg::)
Fri Oct 17 18:36:55 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:You've been watching pop idol Mary lol
Fri Oct 17 18:37:06 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg::-)
Fri Oct 17 18:37:19 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Msg:would you consider doing songs by nick drake or kate bush or ...
Fri Oct 17 18:37:46 2003:mary [0/] Msg:No plans yet. Maybe a bit too dark.
Fri Oct 17 18:37:50 2003:broton [0/] Msg:what are you most favorit artist
Fri Oct 17 18:38:08 2003:marijke [0/] Disconnect:
Fri Oct 17 18:39:01 2003:mary [0/] Msg:The people who have influenced me the most would be the people who are my favourites. People like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Sandy Denny, Billy Holiday.
Fri Oct 17 18:39:45 2003:Yolande [0/] Msg:Mary bless you and your beloved, greetings to you all and slaap lekker!
Fri Oct 17 18:39:50 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Mary, I hope to go to the USA tosee you, but where do you get your energy from? Don't you get tired travelling?
Fri Oct 17 18:40:03 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:What have been the themes of your paintings? Do you think you might ever reproduce them like in your liner notes or as an album cover?
Fri Oct 17 18:40:08 2003:Yolande [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:40:26 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Yeah, I get exhausted, but the music lifts me out of that tiredness.
Fri Oct 17 18:40:31 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Msg:any chance of a jazz album in the future, you have the voice and the spirit for it...?
Fri Oct 17 18:40:37 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:I can imagine it does!!!
Fri Oct 17 18:40:50 2003:boef [0/] Msg:Few years ago you played with janis Ian. Why ? Who arranged that concert ?
Fri Oct 17 18:40:58 2003:mary [0/] Msg:No, defenitely not a jazz album.
Fri Oct 17 18:41:28 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Thank God for that Mary!
Fri Oct 17 18:41:36 2003:mary [0/] Msg:The promotor who put us together and it was really enjoyable to work besides such a gorgeous woman. We have kept in touch ever since and I have great respect for her.
Fri Oct 17 18:41:37 2003:Darren [0/] Msg::-)
Fri Oct 17 18:42:23 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Would you do a whole Noel Brazil album, including unreleased songs of him?
Fri Oct 17 18:42:32 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:I loved the jazzy "Lovin' you" song on your first album.
Fri Oct 17 18:42:57 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:have you heard of Kate Wolf? she has some songs that you would do beautifully. She has passed but her music lives on
Fri Oct 17 18:43:06 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Strangely enough it is a thought that has crossed my mind. There are quite a few unreleased songs that have not been heard and I would love to do a tribute album in some form or another.
Fri Oct 17 18:43:17 2003:boef [0/] Msg:That's where we're we heard you foor the first time, as fans of Janis..."Don't't explain" has done it. Can you sing that in R'dam ?
Fri Oct 17 18:43:52 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I have heard of Kate Wolf. I must check her songs out again.
Fri Oct 17 18:44:15 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:please-they would sound lovely from you lips
Fri Oct 17 18:44:17 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I am not sure I can sing Don't Explain in Rotterdam.
Fri Oct 17 18:44:28 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Speaking of other artistas Mary, do you like Brian Kennedy?
Fri Oct 17 18:44:41 2003:boef [0/] Msg:please, it gives me chickenskin
Fri Oct 17 18:44:44 2003:renee [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:44:49 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Yeah, Brian is a great singer and we were good friends, we have sung together.
Fri Oct 17 18:44:59 2003:Ray [0/] Msg:Hi Mary, hope you're well.Have you considered doing an album of new duet recordings(perhaps with a companion CD of previous duets)? Are there any artists that you've always wanted to sing with?
Fri Oct 17 18:45:05 2003:broton [0/] Msg:trek een warme trui aan boef
Fri Oct 17 18:45:15 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Thats cool I didn't know that, when did you sing together and did you record anything?
Fri Oct 17 18:45:26 2003:renee [0/] Msg:ja het is koud
Fri Oct 17 18:45:26 2003:boef [0/] Msg::.)
Fri Oct 17 18:45:27 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:Mary, is it just a coincidince that there are only males in your band, no females?
Fri Oct 17 18:46:05 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Hi Ray. Hope you are doing alright, heard you were not the best. I haven't really thought about a duets album, every dog and devil is doing it.
Fri Oct 17 18:46:23 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:I loved the band with Eleanor
Fri Oct 17 18:46:42 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Yes, it is a coincedence. I love the company of women.
Fri Oct 17 18:46:53 2003:broton [0/] Msg:me too
Fri Oct 17 18:47:00 2003:boef [0/] Msg:me too
Fri Oct 17 18:47:14 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:oh well, I'll do my best then... count me in in a couple of years ;-)
Fri Oct 17 18:47:15 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:Martin says your new family album will be different. Can't wait to hear it. By Christmas, you think???
Fri Oct 17 18:47:44 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:On the 11th you, after singing "the heart is low" you started " no woman no Cry"whoever came up with that idea? (though it was really funny!!)
Fri Oct 17 18:48:06 2003:mary [0/] Msg:It is unlikely that the new Black Family will be out before Christmas. It is difficult because we are all in different places at different times.
Fri Oct 17 18:48:28 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:oh, well. I can wait, if I must
Fri Oct 17 18:48:39 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Mary ,Don't you think that a band with another female voice in harmony just makes certain songs?
Fri Oct 17 18:49:03 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I suppose it a contradiction: two songs saying the opposites. Declan Sinnott and myself had the idea long time ago.
Fri Oct 17 18:49:17 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Mary, you keep in touch with Maura O'Connell. Will you see or sing with her in the USA?
Fri Oct 17 18:49:23 2003:boef [0/] Msg:I'm going to bed......see/hear you on monday in Rotterdam.
Fri Oct 17 18:49:32 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:welterusten
Fri Oct 17 18:49:36 2003:boef [0/] Msg:Broton ben jij daar ook ?
Fri Oct 17 18:49:39 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:welterusten!
Fri Oct 17 18:49:39 2003:broton [0/] Msg:dag boefje
Fri Oct 17 18:49:45 2003:renee [0/] Msg:welterusten
Fri Oct 17 18:49:47 2003:broton [0/] Msg:nee
Fri Oct 17 18:49:55 2003:mary [0/] Msg:We need to have a musician who also sings and I don't come across to many female artists, who play as well as the males in my group (unfortunately)
Fri Oct 17 18:49:56 2003:broton [0/] Msg:gisteren in nijmegen
Fri Oct 17 18:49:58 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:slaap ze
Fri Oct 17 18:50:12 2003:boef [0/] Msg:helaas...stomme schoonmoeder ook
Fri Oct 17 18:50:15 2003:mary [0/] Msg:I always keep in touch with Maura. She is a good pal as well.
Fri Oct 17 18:50:22 2003:broton [0/] Msg:ha ha
Fri Oct 17 18:50:29 2003:boef [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:50:51 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:I saw you both on TV some time ago and the harmony was amazing. I wish you could sing together more often
Fri Oct 17 18:51:38 2003:mary [0/] Msg:It is late now. I have a very early start tomorrow, because I am flying back to Dublin to sing at a funeral of a young boy whose family are very close to me. It is not going to be easy, but it means a lot to me and them. I will be back the next day.
Fri Oct 17 18:52:04 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:get some rest, singing at a funeral is not easy, I know
Fri Oct 17 18:52:05 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:bless you-safe travels
Fri Oct 17 18:52:08 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:Goodnight and God bless, Mary.
Fri Oct 17 18:52:12 2003:Rosie [0/] Msg:Mary, I'd like to use the opportunity to thank you for the music, and thanks for introducing me to the music of other wonderful artists - like Mary Chapin C.
Fri Oct 17 18:52:22 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:sleep well Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:52:22 2003:mary [0/] Msg:It was great to chat with everybody and maybe we do it again soon. Thanks for all your support and keep in touch with me, I love to hear from you.
Fri Oct 17 18:52:24 2003:broton [0/] Msg:thanks mary
Fri Oct 17 18:52:25 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:We will be at the CARRE concert next week, hope we have a chance to meet there after the show ?
Fri Oct 17 18:52:26 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Thanx for the insights into your music and band and I hope to see your next UK tour night Mary and Godbless
Fri Oct 17 18:52:27 2003:renee [0/] Msg:goodnight and see/ hear you next time in Holland
Fri Oct 17 18:52:35 2003:Rosie [0/] Msg:Thanks Mary!
Fri Oct 17 18:52:36 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:sleep well mary
Fri Oct 17 18:52:36 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Ok Mary. Safe home. Thanks so much for chatting. Enjoy the tour and we are praying for your Mum.
Fri Oct 17 18:52:40 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:thanks for everything!
Fri Oct 17 18:52:52 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Bye, Mary, see you in Amsterdam
Fri Oct 17 18:52:54 2003:nele_qnd_toni [0/] Msg:thanks mary!!!!!!!
Fri Oct 17 18:52:59 2003:mary [0/] Msg:Bye, love to you all. Mary
Fri Oct 17 18:53:02 2003:mary [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:53:03 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:And bye to your Mark thanks
Fri Oct 17 18:53:05 2003:lodea [0/] Login:
Fri Oct 17 18:53:07 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:HOPE to see and hear you in Amsterdam
Fri Oct 17 18:53:13 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Thanks Mark
Fri Oct 17 18:53:15 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:thanks again, mark
Fri Oct 17 18:53:18 2003:Darren [0/] Msg:Goodnight all
Fri Oct 17 18:53:18 2003:Hanneke [0/] Msg:Mark ook erg bedankt voor alles!!!
Fri Oct 17 18:53:20 2003:Rosie [0/] Msg:Cheers Mark!
Fri Oct 17 18:53:23 2003:broton [0/] Msg:well done mark
Fri Oct 17 18:53:25 2003:renee [0/] Msg:thanx mark
Fri Oct 17 18:53:25 2003:Amandine [0/] Msg:Thankyou Mark.
Fri Oct 17 18:53:36 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Thank you all for joining this chat. We loved it.
Fri Oct 17 18:53:39 2003:Marije [0/] Msg:well, I' sining off, too... goodnight and welterusten to all
Fri Oct 17 18:53:42 2003:karens [0/] Msg:Outstanding Mark..thanks!
Fri Oct 17 18:53:46 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:bye mark thanx again
Fri Oct 17 18:53:56 2003:mark [0/] Msg:See you at some of the concerts (in the next week or wherever)
Fri Oct 17 18:53:57 2003:daveb [0/] Logout:_
Fri Oct 17 18:53:58 2003:renee [0/] Msg:keep up the good works, mark
Fri Oct 17 18:53:59 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:night-night
Fri Oct 17 18:54:03 2003:jaapmeeuwsen [0/] Msg:Welterusten iedereen ggod night
Fri Oct 17 18:54:06 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bye
Fri Oct 17 18:54:08 2003:mark [0/] Logout:_