Transcript of chat session with Bill Shanley on 21/22 February 2003

Fri Feb 21 17:57:22 2003:bill [0/] Login:
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Fri Feb 21 17:57:36 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Hello Bill
Fri Feb 21 17:57:46 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:hi bill!!
Fri Feb 21 17:57:46 2003:bill [0/] Msg:hi mark
Fri Feb 21 17:58:01 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:how are you??
Fri Feb 21 17:58:13 2003:mark [0/] Msg:I think that more people will join in a few minutes.
Fri Feb 21 17:58:29 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:nele was on earlier.....
Fri Feb 21 17:58:41 2003:mark [0/] Msg:It is still before the "official" start time of the chat session.
Fri Feb 21 17:58:52 2003:bill [0/] Msg:ok
Fri Feb 21 17:59:21 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:can I ask my silly question for fear of embarrassing myself later?? what is a high strung guitar??
Fri Feb 21 18:00:35 2003:bill [0/] Msg:it's a regular guitar body,but strung up with light strings and therefore tuned an octave higher than normal..not stupid at all!!
Fri Feb 21 18:01:00 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:ah, thanks for being nice and explaining
Fri Feb 21 18:01:11 2003:bill [0/] Msg:no prob..
Fri Feb 21 18:01:18 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:husband plays guitar and even didn't know
Fri Feb 21 18:01:29 2003:bill [0/] Msg:alright
Fri Feb 21 18:01:37 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bill, I have to say Hi on behalf of Kazi. He couldn't make it, as he is currently on a trip with his students in New Zealand. I believe that Nele will ask a question on his behalf later on.
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Fri Feb 21 18:02:13 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:he wonders...do you use a kapo on Turning Away? he is trying to learn by ear
Fri Feb 21 18:02:14 2003:bill [0/] Msg:ok..i bet it's going to be on guitars!!!
Fri Feb 21 18:02:19 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:hi nele
Fri Feb 21 18:02:29 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Welcome Nele & Toni (are you both there?)
Fri Feb 21 18:02:45 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:for now it's nele, toni is upstairs, will call her!
Fri Feb 21 18:02:46 2003:bill [0/] Msg:capo 3rd fret..regular tuning
Fri Feb 21 18:02:47 2003:evc [0/] Login:
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Fri Feb 21 18:02:54 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:hi bill, nice of you to do this!
Fri Feb 21 18:02:56 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Hi Evc
Fri Feb 21 18:03:06 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:oh thanks, bill
Fri Feb 21 18:03:12 2003:bill [0/] Msg:my pleasure
Fri Feb 21 18:03:22 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Hi! Thanks Mark and Bill!
Fri Feb 21 18:03:34 2003:Steve [0/] Login:
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Fri Feb 21 18:03:49 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:if no one has a question now, perhaps we can first ask kazi's questions...
Fri Feb 21 18:03:49 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:everything ok, steve?
Fri Feb 21 18:04:01 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:I'm back - have I missed anything
Fri Feb 21 18:04:03 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:bill, who was the first guitar hero for you?
Fri Feb 21 18:04:20 2003:bill [0/] Msg:chet atkins
Fri Feb 21 18:04:30 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Raise Hand
Fri Feb 21 18:04:42 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:hi second question was: how is your solo project coming along?
Fri Feb 21 18:05:13 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Evc, because there are not that much people, you don't really need to Raise Hands. Just see if you can find a suitable spot to ask your question (say after Nele's current question)
Fri Feb 21 18:05:29 2003:bill [0/] Msg:coming along well...have 5 tracks ready and will have the rest finished by june.
Fri Feb 21 18:05:50 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:who are playing with you?
Fri Feb 21 18:06:01 2003:bill [0/] Msg:on the album
Fri Feb 21 18:06:14 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:erm, I guess that is what kazi meant...
Fri Feb 21 18:06:53 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Yes, I think he meant that
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Fri Feb 21 18:07:01 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Bill, it's always such a pleasure to watch you play as you always seem to get so into your music. Is it difficult to maintain that level of intensity concert after concert?
Fri Feb 21 18:07:17 2003:bill [0/] Msg:martin ditcham and j blennerhasset are the rhytym section and an amazing sax player called micheal buckley
Fri Feb 21 18:09:09 2003:bill [0/] Msg:mary's gig is always a musical challenge as she is off very high pedigree as a singer...when your role s then as an accompianist you really have to rise to it and gave it the backing...
Fri Feb 21 18:09:20 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Bill, How old were you when you learned to play guitar?
Fri Feb 21 18:09:41 2003:bill [0/] Msg:9 years of age i started off..
Fri Feb 21 18:09:54 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:kazi also asked if you could tell us something about your guitar collection, both acoustic and electric...
Fri Feb 21 18:11:23 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:hi room Bill how did u pick up when Declan left was there a trasition period with him showing you or did you just have a grasp of it straight away I have seen you both and u both seem to have the same type of playing
Fri Feb 21 18:11:41 2003:bill [0/] Msg:have 2 gretsch guitars ,one very old....a few fenders,rickenbackers,martin d-35 which i pretty never put down...a few lowdens etc..
Fri Feb 21 18:12:11 2003:mark [0/] Msg:what's your favourite guitar to play?
Fri Feb 21 18:12:41 2003:bill [0/] Msg:it was pretty much listening to live gigs and picking up the feel of the music
Fri Feb 21 18:12:56 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:pardon for the long pause I'M trying to eat fish and chips as well as type !!!
Fri Feb 21 18:13:18 2003:bill [0/] Msg:favouorite electric at the moment is the gretsch "nashville"..
Fri Feb 21 18:13:23 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Do you (and the band) help in arranging new songs? Is Mary influencial in the sound she's after?
Fri Feb 21 18:13:49 2003:bill [0/] Msg:yeah,we all chip in..
Fri Feb 21 18:13:56 2003:mark [0/] Msg:The gretsch, isn't that the red guitar you use during "Into the Blue"?
Fri Feb 21 18:14:07 2003:bill [0/] Msg:that's the one..
Fri Feb 21 18:14:42 2003:evc [0/] Msg:What was the best night you ever had playing with Mary and what made it so special?
Fri Feb 21 18:14:50 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Guys, to see bill with the gretsch, look at https://www.mary-black.net/disco/musician/2.htm
Fri Feb 21 18:15:03 2003:mark [0/] Msg:(The link is now in the bottom URL List)
Fri Feb 21 18:15:28 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Isn't technology brilliant
Fri Feb 21 18:16:15 2003:bill [0/] Msg:it's hard to say,as gigs can bring on different things,also country to country can vary too....we always seem to have a blast in dubl8in...it's probably cos we're at home etc..
Fri Feb 21 18:16:53 2003:mark [0/] Msg:What venue do you really love to play in? (outside Ireland)
Fri Feb 21 18:17:37 2003:bill [0/] Msg:the birchmere outside washington is great....Utrecht is also one of the better places
Fri Feb 21 18:17:43 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Bill, what are your favorite songs, that you enjoy playing.
Fri Feb 21 18:17:46 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Bill, is there a favorite song u have ?
Fri Feb 21 18:18:00 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Double questions, funny :)
Fri Feb 21 18:18:11 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:ESP
Fri Feb 21 18:18:59 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:aint that a drug? or a beer
Fri Feb 21 18:19:04 2003:bill [0/] Msg:i like "into the blue" at the moment cos it's new into the set..ellis island is a major piece of work aswell...you can't but enjoy playing it
Fri Feb 21 18:19:26 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Who's your favorite female singer, next to Mary, of course...
Fri Feb 21 18:20:09 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:Bill do you compose as well as play ?
Fri Feb 21 18:20:14 2003:bill [0/] Msg:julie london,norah jones is fresh...
Fri Feb 21 18:21:02 2003:bill [0/] Msg:yes i do,not as much on the lyric side of things as much as musically....
Fri Feb 21 18:21:14 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Bill, Do you get much time for yourself in your sort of work?
Fri Feb 21 18:22:04 2003:bill [0/] Msg:yeah,i haven't been on tour since october eventhough it's been pretty manic over here...
Fri Feb 21 18:22:20 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bill, have you already seen the Olympia concert on video/DVD? If so, what do you think of it? Do you like how it turned out (and seeing yourself on TV)?
Fri Feb 21 18:24:00 2003:bill [0/] Msg:haven't seen it yet!!!but those who saw thought it was great...i spoke to mary about it today she said it works really well...so it's out in a few weeks and i'll definitely give it a viewing...
Fri Feb 21 18:24:08 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:bill is there an easier way to meet the band at the end of a concert because the "security " types Don't want to know . allthey want is you out
Fri Feb 21 18:25:07 2003:bill [0/] Msg:mary always comes out at somestage to say hello other than that just say to them your a long lost cousin and hope for the best!!!
Fri Feb 21 18:25:25 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:geethanks
Fri Feb 21 18:25:26 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Hi cousin Bill
Fri Feb 21 18:25:36 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:bill, where do you see yourself,say, ten years from now?
Fri Feb 21 18:25:44 2003:bill [0/] Msg:now you get the drift.
Fri Feb 21 18:26:09 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:hey bill here are u now?
Fri Feb 21 18:26:13 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Dave, from my experience, it highly depends on the venue where you are, some are very difficult, others are more easier. The best thing is to be persistent.
Fri Feb 21 18:26:19 2003:bill [0/] Msg:we're normally mad to say hi to people after a show
Fri Feb 21 18:26:40 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:thanx
Fri Feb 21 18:26:50 2003:bill [0/] Msg:yes, think of the beer backstage!!
Fri Feb 21 18:27:27 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Bill, do you play other instruments just for fun?
Fri Feb 21 18:28:12 2003:bill [0/] Msg:i play piano at bit,my fathers a good player so i gets he influenced me in that way
Fri Feb 21 18:28:40 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Have you ever thought what you might be doing if you didn't have music?
Fri Feb 21 18:28:51 2003:mark [0/] Msg:(Nele, I believe you can best repeat your questions, as I think it got a bit lost in the questions and answers about meeting the band)
Fri Feb 21 18:29:20 2003:bill [0/] Msg:hard to imagine to be honest!!
Fri Feb 21 18:29:31 2003:evc [0/] Msg:No doubt!
Fri Feb 21 18:30:05 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:yes, because I hoped to meet with you all after the saratoga concert
Fri Feb 21 18:30:08 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:bill i must admit i missed the last concert in nov at the opera house in newcastle cos i was on holiday how was it ?
Fri Feb 21 18:31:23 2003:bill [0/] Msg:it was great!end of tour gig...i think we normally play city hall but this venue was a little more intimate...we had a good one..
Fri Feb 21 18:31:35 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bill, how does it feel to be the youngest (as Mary tells the audience most of the times) of the band. Are they teasing you with it? ;)
Fri Feb 21 18:32:41 2003:bill [0/] Msg:absolutly..it's a bit of fun..
Fri Feb 21 18:32:51 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Bill, Do you feel "famous" or maybe lucky to do what you do?
Fri Feb 21 18:33:47 2003:bill [0/] Msg:it feels good doing music for a living...i do love
Fri Feb 21 18:33:55 2003:bill [0/] Msg:it's
Fri Feb 21 18:34:08 2003:mark [0/] Msg:With whom would you really like to perform one day?
Fri Feb 21 18:34:55 2003:bill [0/] Msg:it's great...like everything else it takes work and practise but that's the challenge of it aswell..
Fri Feb 21 18:36:04 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:bill, where do you see yourself, say, ten years from now?
Fri Feb 21 18:36:50 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:the last one I wasat was the city hall in 2000 and that was great
Fri Feb 21 18:36:53 2003:bill [0/] Msg:ther's a few...one story is about 5 years ago we toured with janis ian who was great mates with chet atkins and she said if we did get to nashville she arranged a meeting...unfortunatly not to be as he passed away last year
Fri Feb 21 18:39:01 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:My net connection nearly booted me any hoo bill where are u now surely not in holland?
Fri Feb 21 18:39:16 2003:bill [0/] Msg:i doing alot of studio production work which i really enjoy so i reckon lots more of that and also see how my own album goes..ther's alot i want to do on that side of things aswell,they say the first one is the hard one..
Fri Feb 21 18:39:35 2003:bill [0/] Msg:i'm in dublin..
Fri Feb 21 18:39:46 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Are you looking forward to the upcoming US tour?
Fri Feb 21 18:40:16 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:your studio looks lovely and warm-a real place to record
Fri Feb 21 18:40:21 2003:bill [0/] Msg:yeah,looking forward to getting out there..
Fri Feb 21 18:40:28 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Bill, I must log off now. It was a great pleasure chatting with you again, even if electronically! Good luck with all you're up to, especially your own album! See you at the Birchmere!
Fri Feb 21 18:40:48 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Msg:sorry, have to go... thanks bill for taking the time to 'talk' to us! will certainly see you again at one of the gigs somewhere...
Fri Feb 21 18:40:49 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:bill u know sinead lohan ? and if so has she any albums/tours coming up?
Fri Feb 21 18:40:49 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:weather is great-today is 70F--a little bribery
Fri Feb 21 18:41:01 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Is there anyone else with some questions, otherwise we might come to an end of this session?
Fri Feb 21 18:41:10 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Bill, would you like to write the perfect love song?
Fri Feb 21 18:41:17 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:bye nele & toni
Fri Feb 21 18:41:28 2003:mark [0/] Msg:By Nele, Toni & Evc
Fri Feb 21 18:41:29 2003:bill [0/] Msg:thanks,mary was in today and we recorded a great song for the up and coming black family album which starts recording in a week...
Fri Feb 21 18:41:45 2003:bill [0/] Msg:bye now..
Fri Feb 21 18:41:46 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:oh that's good news too
Fri Feb 21 18:42:09 2003:nelegeurden [0/] Logout:_
Fri Feb 21 18:42:16 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Bill, one last thing before I go...what's the best cheesecake you ever had!?
Fri Feb 21 18:42:24 2003:mark [0/] Msg:(Frances will go in the studio on 2 March to record her songs)
Fri Feb 21 18:42:40 2003:bill [0/] Msg:yours of course!!!!
Fri Feb 21 18:43:00 2003:evc [0/] Msg:AH!! Good answer!! More to come!!! Bye!
Fri Feb 21 18:43:07 2003:Steve [0/] Msg:Bye friends - it was great, thanx mark, thanx Bill.
Fri Feb 21 18:43:18 2003:bill [0/] Msg:i'm not sure about her solo tracks for the album..
Fri Feb 21 18:43:18 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:bye steve
Fri Feb 21 18:43:28 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Great that you were here Steve and Evc
Fri Feb 21 18:43:43 2003:evc [0/] Msg:Many thanks!
Fri Feb 21 18:43:47 2003:bill [0/] Msg:thanks for logging on steve..
Fri Feb 21 18:43:59 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:well thanx bill i hope to meet u at aconcert and shake hands with a great guitarist
Fri Feb 21 18:44:05 2003:Steve [0/] Logout:_
Fri Feb 21 18:44:12 2003:evc [0/] Logout:_
Fri Feb 21 18:44:34 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Frances told me she wasn't sure either... but now she has a song she might like to use. I happened to have a recording of her singing Kieran Goss' All that you ask me.
Fri Feb 21 18:44:48 2003:bill [0/] Msg:cheers,dave if you have a technical queries don't hesitate to ask..
Fri Feb 21 18:44:58 2003:mark [0/] Msg:She didn't even know that she had recorded that song... and she thinks she might use it for the Black Family album.
Fri Feb 21 18:45:11 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:cheers bill and goodnight
Fri Feb 21 18:45:16 2003:mark [0/] Msg:By Dave
Fri Feb 21 18:45:20 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:isn't that a nice surprise
Fri Feb 21 18:45:32 2003:daveb [0/] Msg:by mark
Fri Feb 21 18:45:35 2003:daveb [0/] Logout:_
Fri Feb 21 18:45:44 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Sue, you are going to see Bill & Mary and the rest in Saratoga aren't you.
Fri Feb 21 18:45:46 2003:mark [0/] Msg:?
Fri Feb 21 18:45:55 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:yes, so excited
Fri Feb 21 18:46:15 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bill, thank you very much for this chat session. I hope you enjoyed it.
Fri Feb 21 18:46:17 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:3rd row this time-closest ever for me!! and hubby for the first time
Fri Feb 21 18:46:44 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:yes, thanks so much Bill. appreciate the answers and your time
Fri Feb 21 18:46:49 2003:bill [0/] Msg:say hello!!!it's a great venue..gee that close ...better play well!!
Fri Feb 21 18:47:01 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:I'll be watching......
Fri Feb 21 18:47:08 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:ans so thrilled
Fri Feb 21 18:47:15 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Yes, you better do... as we will all hear from Sue how you did. ;)
Fri Feb 21 18:47:36 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:take great care-see you then
Fri Feb 21 18:47:47 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bye sue, enjoy the concert.
Fri Feb 21 18:47:50 2003:bill [0/] Msg:okay, i get the message..
Fri Feb 21 18:47:59 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:thanks, bye
Fri Feb 21 18:48:04 2003:bill [0/] Msg:bye,sue
Fri Feb 21 18:48:09 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bill, I hope to see you in October at the Dutch tour again.
Fri Feb 21 18:48:13 2003:celticoma [0/] Msg:and thank you Mark, again
Fri Feb 21 18:48:22 2003:celticoma [0/] Logout:_
Fri Feb 21 18:48:36 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Did like doing this chat?
Fri Feb 21 18:48:47 2003:bill [0/] Msg:sounds goods,keep up the good work, mark..
Fri Feb 21 18:49:30 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Bill, see you in October. I am going to bed now. Had a long day (I am up since 5:30 and it is now 12:45 here)
Fri Feb 21 18:50:19 2003:bill [0/] Msg:Take care and speak to you soon.bill
Fri Feb 21 18:50:26 2003:mark [0/] Msg:Thanks again. Bye
Fri Feb 21 18:50:30 2003:bill [0/] Logout:_