Transcript of chat session with Mary Black on 18/19 March 2002

Mon Mar 18 18:06:52 2002: mark [0.Login] Login Request. (PW)

Mon Mar 18 18:06:56 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] hi mark

Mon Mar 18 18:06:57 2002: toneel [0.Msg] YES

Mon Mar 18 18:06:58 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] just wonderful but no eye exams

Mon Mar 18 18:07:00 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] hello

Mon Mar 18 18:07:00 2002: stevee [0.Msg] hey Mark!

Mon Mar 18 18:07:05 2002: mark [0.Msg] Hi everyone, just hold on, Mary will be there in a sec.

Mon Mar 18 18:07:05 2002: KevinCarolina [0.Msg] yeah Mark

Mon Mar 18 18:07:07 2002: christienm [0.Msg] Hello mark

Mon Mar 18 18:07:08 2002: karens [0.Msg] ditto

Mon Mar 18 18:07:13 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] hello mark*s* bless ya :)

Mon Mar 18 18:07:22 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] hi mark :)

Mon Mar 18 18:07:26 2002: jannen [0.Msg] Hello Mark

Mon Mar 18 18:07:28 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] how was this evening, mark?

Mon Mar 18 18:07:29 2002: toneel [0.Msg] hi mary

Mon Mar 18 18:07:41 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] mark,were you just at the concert?

Mon Mar 18 18:07:41 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] hello to our angel

Mon Mar 18 18:07:41 2002: mary_black [0.Login] Login Request. (PW)

Mon Mar 18 18:07:44 2002: stevee [0.Msg] Hi Mary!

Mon Mar 18 18:07:48 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] hi mary

Mon Mar 18 18:07:51 2002: christienm [0.Msg] hello mary

Mon Mar 18 18:07:52 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] hi mary

Mon Mar 18 18:07:52 2002: tomp [0.Msg] hi mary

Mon Mar 18 18:07:53 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] Hi!! Love Ya!

Mon Mar 18 18:07:59 2002: jannen [0.Msg] Hi Love

Mon Mar 18 18:07:59 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] *sooooooooooo apppplauds* hello Mary!

Mon Mar 18 18:08:01 2002: KevinCarolina [0.Msg] hi Mary!

Mon Mar 18 18:08:05 2002: stevee [0.Msg] 8()

Mon Mar 18 18:08:05 2002: paulf [0.Msg] he mary from west cork

Mon Mar 18 18:08:13 2002: kelsamax [0.Msg] Hi Mary

Mon Mar 18 18:08:15 2002: cindyh [0.Msg] hello mary

Mon Mar 18 18:08:27 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Hello, Mary

Mon Mar 18 18:08:28 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Hi everybody, great to be here in person chatting to you

Mon Mar 18 18:08:41 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] We are so excited

Mon Mar 18 18:08:44 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] thanks for taking the time to talk, mary

Mon Mar 18 18:08:45 2002: andrews [0.Msg] hi mary

Mon Mar 18 18:08:46 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] miss you in California

Mon Mar 18 18:08:48 2002: stevee [0.Msg] Hope you can type fast Mary. lol

Mon Mar 18 18:09:09 2002: tomp [0.Msg] forget typing just sing us a song

Mon Mar 18 18:09:09 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] this is amandine, hi mary

Mon Mar 18 18:09:11 2002: mark [0.Msg] Just to let you know, I type for Mary. But she will really tell me what to say!!

Mon Mar 18 18:09:13 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] bless you for taking hte time from a hectic schedule to be here Mary..and thank you Mark for pulling this together :)

Mon Mar 18 18:09:25 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] yes, ditto that

Mon Mar 18 18:09:29 2002: toneel [0.Msg] how was your gig tonight mary

Mon Mar 18 18:09:40 2002: stevee [0.Msg] Whos 1st Mark?

Mon Mar 18 18:09:41 2002: carolyna [0.Msg] yes, thanks so much for extending your concert night to chat

Mon Mar 18 18:09:48 2002: jannen [0.Msg] We guys miss you too Mary in Sweden

Mon Mar 18 18:09:58 2002: karens [0.Msg] See Mark no need to be nervous about pulling this off...we are your people!

Mon Mar 18 18:10:03 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] The gig tonight was great. Holland is a good country for us

Mon Mar 18 18:10:43 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] can so imagine judging from how folks talk about you on hte list from over there Mary..you can feel their admiration for you

Mon Mar 18 18:10:45 2002: mark [0.Msg] Shall we start the question round? I will look who is there and who send in a request to ask a question.

Mon Mar 18 18:10:53 2002: christienm [0.Msg] Ok

Mon Mar 18 18:11:00 2002: stevee [0.Msg] I did!

Mon Mar 18 18:11:08 2002: toneel [0.Msg] we had a question for you, mary, how do you study your lyrics and which song do you find the most difficult to remember

Mon Mar 18 18:11:18 2002: mark [0.Msg] Cherry, can you ask the first question?

Mon Mar 18 18:11:30 2002: stevee [0.Msg] :(

Mon Mar 18 18:11:50 2002: antie_marjie [0.Msg] has the chat started?

Mon Mar 18 18:11:54 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] *quietly waits her turn..smiles a greeting at antie marjie*

Mon Mar 18 18:11:56 2002: Cherry [0.Msg] How do you choose your song - music, lyrics or a combination?

Mon Mar 18 18:12:22 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I place a lot of emphasis on the quality of the lyric in a song...

Mon Mar 18 18:12:34 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] but after that it is something deeper, something that moves me.

Mon Mar 18 18:13:06 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] It is really hard to put a finger on what it is exactly.

Mon Mar 18 18:13:37 2002: mark [0.Msg] Next question: Samjij99, your turn

Mon Mar 18 18:13:58 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] whatever it is..is shows Mary..and thank you Mark:)

Mon Mar 18 18:15:02 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] i am a teacher over here at a school for the visual and performing arts..an elementary school...and the kids chose to create a dance to your song Still Believing by the way to represent the influence of the Airish on Ohios history:)

Mon Mar 18 18:15:50 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] anyhow...was just wondering...how do you feel about using music in the schools over there as a way to help kids learn better?

Mon Mar 18 18:16:05 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] btw..i do NOT teach typing*grins*

Mon Mar 18 18:17:13 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I think it is a great way for children to understand rhythm and soul. Music has the power to move people's emotions and it is the same for children.

Mon Mar 18 18:18:35 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] it cuts across all of the academic areas...i use it to teach math facts even...still think it is not utilized enough over here...bless you for helping my kids too*s*

Mon Mar 18 18:19:05 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Music is a great communicator.

Mon Mar 18 18:19:19 2002: mark [0.Msg] Kazi, your next

Mon Mar 18 18:19:25 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] yes it is...thank you*s*

Mon Mar 18 18:19:51 2002: kazi [0.Msg] Hi Mary, did you ever consider covering any Dougie Maclean's songs before "Turning Away"?

Mon Mar 18 18:20:50 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I have always been a fan of Dougie MacLeans. But Turning Away was the first of his that I covered...

Mon Mar 18 18:21:12 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] but the album for Speaking with the Angel, none of Dougie's songs would have been suitable for the style of the album.

Mon Mar 18 18:21:13 2002: kazi [0.Msg] Thank you!

Mon Mar 18 18:21:25 2002: andrews [0.Whois] kazi

Mon Mar 18 18:22:25 2002: mark [0.Msg] I have here a questions from Jordie, who can't attend because her browser can't access the chat as she is blind...

Mon Mar 18 18:22:54 2002: mark [0.Msg] Mary you sing with such conviction on many issues in your song...

Mon Mar 18 18:23:20 2002: mark [0.Msg] What do you draw upon for your inspiration, slipping so smoothly from genre to genre?

Mon Mar 18 18:24:26 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Hi Nathan

Mon Mar 18 18:24:47 2002: andrews [0.Logout] Logout Request

Mon Mar 18 18:25:01 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] hi jaap. have things started? i apologize if i'm speaking out of turn

Mon Mar 18 18:25:33 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I draw from my experiences from my own life and from the lives of people around me. I love all kinds of music and love to incorporate areas of different genres of music within what I do.

Mon Mar 18 18:25:55 2002: mark [0.Msg] Becky, it is your turn

Mon Mar 18 18:26:05 2002: mark [0.Msg] (Beckyr)

Mon Mar 18 18:26:05 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] Mary, you are a class act and an incredible talent. I first heard your music in an Irish Literature class in college as we were preparing to go to Ireland to study abroad. I hope to get the class together again someday at one of your concerts.

Mon Mar 18 18:27:51 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Do you have a question ;)

Mon Mar 18 18:27:53 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] As you are a mother of three, what is the most important value you hope to instill in your children?

Mon Mar 18 18:28:28 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] Sorry I was daydreaming.

Mon Mar 18 18:29:11 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Honesty and truth.

Mon Mar 18 18:29:32 2002: mark [0.Msg] Now a question from the UK, Rayl

Mon Mar 18 18:29:47 2002: rayl [0.Msg] Hi Mary, Ray here. Hope you're well, enjoying the tour and had a good St Patrick's Day. Do you have any future plans for a live album and/or video - a recording from a Saturday night at the Olympia would be very special !

Mon Mar 18 18:30:18 2002: toneel [0.Msg] oh yes Mary!

Mon Mar 18 18:30:56 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] thats a good one

Mon Mar 18 18:31:03 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Yes, there is talk of me doing a live video recording, from the Olypimia, if not sometime in the near future

Mon Mar 18 18:31:18 2002: rayl [0.Msg] Thanks for that. Take care, and please tell (Big) Pat I'm asking after him.

Mon Mar 18 18:31:23 2002: mark [0.Msg] Only video or also DVD?

Mon Mar 18 18:31:55 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Probably both, I have to move with the times :)

Mon Mar 18 18:32:44 2002: petram [0.Msg] a certain Mick would like to know the association with Eileen Laverty

Mon Mar 18 18:33:02 2002: petram [0.Msg] how did this happen?

Mon Mar 18 18:33:10 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] This is Marjie. What about a Christmas album

Mon Mar 18 18:33:30 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Shane Howard, was at a song writers conference in Vancouver last year and met Eileen...

Mon Mar 18 18:34:31 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] She passed him on a CD of hers to give to me, which he did and I recorded "Wildest Dreams" from the album, because we needed a song that would get us some radio airplay and it worked.

Mon Mar 18 18:35:03 2002: mark [0.Msg] Amandap, please ask you questions as it really fits with this one.

Mon Mar 18 18:35:11 2002: carolyna [0.Msg] that conference was my first chance to hear Shane live - but unfortunately I missed hearing Eileen.

Mon Mar 18 18:35:39 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] soooo enjoy Wildest dreams too*s*

Mon Mar 18 18:35:50 2002: jannen [0.Whois] sammij99

Mon Mar 18 18:35:58 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] Amandine? Anyway my question is are you going to bring roisin to america to sing with you one time, by the way, we love you.

Mon Mar 18 18:37:02 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] She has been to America so many times and in fact sang with the Black Family on a cruise off the Caribbean in January. Yes I am sure she will be back with us and sing.

Mon Mar 18 18:37:03 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] or record with roisin?

Mon Mar 18 18:37:22 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] wow i didn't know!!

Mon Mar 18 18:37:38 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] She would blow me away :)

Mon Mar 18 18:37:44 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] She is too good.

Mon Mar 18 18:37:54 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] "Proud mother"

Mon Mar 18 18:37:56 2002: kazi [0.Msg] I understand there is already a singer named Roisin O'Reilly in Ireland. Does she have any idea about her stage name?

Mon Mar 18 18:37:59 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] wow

Mon Mar 18 18:38:21 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I never heard about her.

Mon Mar 18 18:38:38 2002: mark [0.Msg] Steeve, your turn.

Mon Mar 18 18:38:48 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] I can barely imagine that, your so good anyhow, she must be wonderful, sorry for sounding so stupid, that's just amazing. :-}

Mon Mar 18 18:38:52 2002: stevee [0.Msg] Mary, You spend a lot of time touring around the world (thankfully, that includes Perth, Western Australia). Do your husband and kids do much touring with you, and what do you do to cope when they are not with you? ...

Mon Mar 18 18:39:19 2002: stevee [0.Msg] Also, do you find that you can't attend family functions (weddings, birthdays etc.) without people insisting you get up and sing for them?

Mon Mar 18 18:40:32 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Occasionally, my family travels with me. But they are getting older now and I don't like them to miss school. Of course, I miss them, but I put the blinkers on and do what I love doing. I worked very well so far.

Mon Mar 18 18:40:32 2002: stevee [0.Msg] e met when you were last in Perth lol

Mon Mar 18 18:41:02 2002: stevee [0.Msg] Thanks heaps Mary. Hurry on back to Perth!

Mon Mar 18 18:42:10 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] What kind of music is roisin into singing?

Mon Mar 18 18:42:11 2002: Cherry [0.Msg] I didn't add my last comment which was thanks for your being here. Come to Melbourne again :)

Mon Mar 18 18:42:18 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] If it is immediate family, they don't insist on getting me up to sing for them, they understand. Sometimes outside of that, people think that I should sing for them all the time, which pissed me of !

Mon Mar 18 18:42:43 2002: stevee [0.Msg] lol Excellent answer

Mon Mar 18 18:42:57 2002: mark [0.Msg] And now a Dutch question in English, jaapm

Mon Mar 18 18:43:00 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] It's fun just to speak with you mary

Mon Mar 18 18:43:12 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Hi Mary, how are you ? My name is Jaap and I'm from in The Netherlands. I requested a song for my daughter Linda at the concert in Davis, USA this year. It was a very emotional experience for her, thank you so much for that. :)

Mon Mar 18 18:43:17 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] Sounds like the family will be wanting Roisin to do the singing at get-togethers now!

Mon Mar 18 18:43:42 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Exactly, beckyr

Mon Mar 18 18:44:20 2002: stevee [0.Msg] Gotta go to work now. boo hoo. Thanx heaps Mary and Mark. Bye.

Mon Mar 18 18:44:20 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] What kind of music is Roisin into singing herself?

Mon Mar 18 18:44:22 2002: mark [0.Msg] Jaap, do you have question?

Mon Mar 18 18:44:28 2002: stevee [0.Logout] Logout Request

Mon Mar 18 18:44:32 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Mary, Are you never get tired of touring so intensive ? How do you find the time to live a " normal " family life sometimes or is singing " your life " ?

Mon Mar 18 18:45:24 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I am a gemini, and my life is in two parts. My family life is most important, but I would not be complete without my music.

Mon Mar 18 18:45:38 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] And for me, they go hand in hand. I would not be happy if this were not the case.

Mon Mar 18 18:45:50 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Thanks, Mary. Hope to see you in Utrecht. Bye !

Mon Mar 18 18:46:05 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] Mary, how about coming way up to Minnesota next time you're in the U.S? Just make sure you dress warmly!

Mon Mar 18 18:46:34 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I don't tour as much as people might think. My longest time away is three weeks and they are spread out over the year. So I have lots of time off.

Mon Mar 18 18:46:37 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] What kind of music is Roisin into singing, does she like the soulful kind with lyrics that are really important, or what exactly?

Mon Mar 18 18:47:27 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Roisin is mostly into pop music, just like any 13 year old

Mon Mar 18 18:48:15 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] She does a nice rendition of Eva Cassidy's "Somewhere over the rainbow"

Mon Mar 18 18:48:46 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] Wow, does she ever talk about music with you?

Mon Mar 18 18:48:52 2002: mark [0.Msg] Karens, your turn.

Mon Mar 18 18:49:13 2002: karens [0.Msg] My intro is I the girl who requested who knows where the time goes for the Lehman

Mon Mar 18 18:49:39 2002: mark -> marjie_amandine [Private] Can you just wait with asking more questions, till the rest has had a turn. Please?

Mon Mar 18 18:49:40 2002: karens [0.Msg] My question, is there any chance of a LIVE Black Family recording..also please

Mon Mar 18 18:50:08 2002: karens [0.Msg] bring the entire family, Frances and the boys to Newport Folk Festival!

Mon Mar 18 18:50:12 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] No plans as yet, but I never rule out anything. Who knows?

Mon Mar 18 18:50:34 2002: karens [0.Msg] then a cruise must be in order...thanks

Mon Mar 18 18:50:35 2002: mark [0.Msg] Beckyps, what is your question

Mon Mar 18 18:50:41 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] mary welcome i just have one question i saw you in cleveland with my family and i wonder if you ever have any female back up singers??? my whole family enjoys your wonderful voice....but my da tom is your biggest fan!!!! i would love to sing w you

Mon Mar 18 18:51:27 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Next time I am in Cleveland, you can get up and sing with me. I just hope you are good :)

Mon Mar 18 18:51:35 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] me too

Mon Mar 18 18:51:42 2002: KevinCarolina [0.Msg] pressure

Mon Mar 18 18:51:42 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] :)

Mon Mar 18 18:51:50 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] thank you and my dad will tell you how good thank you

Mon Mar 18 18:52:09 2002: grantf [0.Msg] greetings from Missouri

Mon Mar 18 18:52:13 2002: mark [0.Msg] Nathanm, your turn

Mon Mar 18 18:53:48 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] Hello Mary. The last of many times my wife and I attended one of your concerts was in St. Paul, MN at the Fitzgerald. Nearly 2 years ago. We were

Mon Mar 18 18:54:06 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] the couple with the Angel on the way". Now that my daughter Madeline is close to 2 years old, I have

Mon Mar 18 18:54:15 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] a related question...

Mon Mar 18 18:54:28 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] What age would you consider too young to attend one of your concerts? I've a 2 year-old who is really into your music.

Mon Mar 18 18:54:38 2002: cindyh [0.Logout] Logout Request

Mon Mar 18 18:55:06 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] If she is old enough to know that can't scream and make noise and if she likes music, then you should bring her.

Mon Mar 18 18:55:16 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] Any plans to return to the upper Midwest so that she can see you?

Mon Mar 18 18:55:23 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] Mary, if I send you a nice warm coat, would you make a trip up to Minnesota to see us?

Mon Mar 18 18:55:25 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] Thank you for your answers

Mon Mar 18 18:56:24 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Nathan, is Madeline already 2 years old ? Time flies.

Mon Mar 18 18:56:35 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I don't know exactly when I will be upper midwest or anywhere. As soon as we know where we will be, we have Mark put it on the website.

Mon Mar 18 18:56:55 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] thank you. yes already 2, jaap

Mon Mar 18 18:57:13 2002: mark [0.Msg] Kazi, as you send in the most questions, you can ask another one.

Mon Mar 18 18:57:44 2002: kazi [0.Msg] Are there any more songs by Noel Brazil you are planning to cover in the future?

Mon Mar 18 18:58:37 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Definitely, there a lot of song that he wrote in the year before his death that nobody has heard, no doubt I will find something in that collection.

Mon Mar 18 18:59:02 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] He has been the most inspiring writer I have recorded songs from and I know that there are more songs to come.

Mon Mar 18 18:59:08 2002: grantf [0.Msg] mark, have you asked my question yet? I was late because of my flight from CA.

Mon Mar 18 18:59:18 2002: kazi [0.Msg] Do you ever consider recording "So and So Songbook" style album like Ella Fitzgerald's "Irvin Berlin Songbook"?

Mon Mar 18 18:59:42 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] No

Mon Mar 18 19:00:06 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] , my turn, what about a Christmas album

Mon Mar 18 19:01:30 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] So many Christmas songs have been recorded to death. But if I could come up with an interesting collection of Christmas songs, I would love to record a Christmas album. Because it would makes me lots of money ;) ;)

Mon Mar 18 19:01:42 2002: mark [0.Msg] Petram, what is your question

Mon Mar 18 19:02:00 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] we'd buy several

Mon Mar 18 19:02:10 2002: petram [0.Msg] Mary who taught you to play the bodrhan? I've noticed, that you learned to play it much better lately and that it is louder too, which is great.

Mon Mar 18 19:02:57 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I learned to play to bodhran in smoky pubs where traditional Irish music was constantly being played. If I am better now, it is with practice.

Mon Mar 18 19:03:35 2002: mark [0.Msg] I am not sure if we had all the questions, but is there someone with a very brilliant question not send in???

Mon Mar 18 19:03:40 2002: tomp [0.Msg] Mary, this is tom --from the states-What pulls you emotionally more-the moon or St Christoper?

Mon Mar 18 19:03:41 2002: jannen [0.Msg] What´s your own favorite music now -- and when will you visit Sweden next time ? Me and my dog love you !

Mon Mar 18 19:03:48 2002: christienm [0.Msg] Mary, thank you for all your music. It moves ands inspires me. Specially your cd Speaking with the angel. In the last two years a good friend, my best friend and both my parents died. Speaking with the angel gave me much comfort. Specially Bless the road

Mon Mar 18 19:03:52 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] First, thanks again....your voice is so uplifting to my heart, my soul. My name is Sue and I live in California. Couldn't you PLEASE come here this summer to play?? We'll drive anywhere you chose. *begs on her knees*

Mon Mar 18 19:04:01 2002: mark [0.Msg] Just a sec now.

Mon Mar 18 19:04:30 2002: christienm [0.Msg] Will you sing bless the road tomorrow in nijmegen? I'l be there!

Mon Mar 18 19:04:30 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] It definitely is the moon.

Mon Mar 18 19:04:41 2002: tomp [0.Msg] i knew it

Mon Mar 18 19:04:58 2002: tomp [0.Msg] thanks for the hugs

Mon Mar 18 19:04:59 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] the moon is a woman

Mon Mar 18 19:05:10 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] lol

Mon Mar 18 19:05:21 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] What about the "man in the moon?"

Mon Mar 18 19:05:25 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] I apologize if someone else has asked, but of the songs in your repertoire which do you most enjoy performing? Do you have an absolute favorite?

Mon Mar 18 19:05:51 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Christienm, Yes I will, because it is one of my favorite songs and I am glad that it has given you strength.

Mon Mar 18 19:06:04 2002: grantf [0.Msg] Mary, really enjoyed your concert two weeks ago in St. Louis. Heard you the first time last year in Glasgow. Please consider a concert in Kansas City sometime soon, please.

Mon Mar 18 19:06:18 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] it seems that Song for Ireland is the most exhausting....?

Mon Mar 18 19:06:27 2002: christienm [0.Msg] Bless you Mary and I wish you a good time in Holland. See you tomorrow.

Mon Mar 18 19:06:40 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] There are too many song to like to have an absolute favorite.

Mon Mar 18 19:06:46 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] We're all going to have to put together a "Bring Mary to the Midwest" campaign, it sounds like!

Mon Mar 18 19:06:54 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] lol

Mon Mar 18 19:07:04 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] and california too

Mon Mar 18 19:07:09 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Get me to Kansas quick.

Mon Mar 18 19:07:15 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] mark..my friend just called...his chemo treatment just went over and he is really drained..if there is time could i ask his question for him?

Mon Mar 18 19:07:26 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] maybe a family reunion with the brothers?

Mon Mar 18 19:07:38 2002: grantf [0.Msg] Mary, my partner (who is from Co. Down ((Kircubbin)), says he knows your Aunt Francis

Mon Mar 18 19:08:00 2002: mark [0.Msg] SAMMIJ99, please do

Mon Mar 18 19:08:21 2002: jannen [0.Msg] Sweden leaving after an hours waiting without reply, my dog and I love you !!!!! Janne

Mon Mar 18 19:08:42 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] thank you both..he is laying down listening to your music Mary..and his fav song is Turning Away..he was wondering what the lyrics mean to you Mary

Mon Mar 18 19:09:12 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] that song touches us both deeply..tho we are nto quite sure why*s*

Mon Mar 18 19:09:24 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Sorry, jannen about the delay, no plans for Sweden at the moment. But we would love to come back.

Mon Mar 18 19:10:50 2002: karens [0.Msg] Last March at NYC's Town Hall, you told us how your voice was gone in Portland, and your Mom was saying

Mon Mar 18 19:11:08 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Well, I associate Turning Away more personally to where my father was from, which was an island of cost of North Antrim (Rathlin island). it used to be all Irish speaking, but because of British rule, the language was killed off...

Mon Mar 18 19:11:09 2002: karens [0.Msg] novenas at home for you to get your voice back. If this is not too personal, how is MOM?

Mon Mar 18 19:11:17 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] this is always in my mind when I sing the song.

Mon Mar 18 19:11:32 2002: jannen [0.Msg] As a goodbye it´ good news that you would love to come back - your music give me inspiration for life ! Bye

Mon Mar 18 19:12:11 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] Mom is great. She was 86 last Wednesday, and we had a lovely party and sing-song in her house, which is what makes her most happy.

Mon Mar 18 19:12:18 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] ohhhhhhhh thank you Mary...if you knew my friend..that would make sense that that is what he is picking up from it...thank you ever so kindly

Mon Mar 18 19:13:16 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] It has been great talking to you all. I am flattered that so many of you out there are interested in staying up or getting up early to chat with me.

Mon Mar 18 19:13:17 2002: karens [0.Msg] terrific!

Mon Mar 18 19:13:21 2002: beckyr [0.Msg] Mary, thanks for your time, and we'll see you in Minnesota! Mark, thanks for all your efforts!

Mon Mar 18 19:13:25 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] what do you sing together as a family when not performing?

Mon Mar 18 19:13:27 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Mary, I know sometimes you get tired of the song, but please sing "Song For Ireland" in Utrecht next week ?

Mon Mar 18 19:13:27 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] thank you we love you

Mon Mar 18 19:13:37 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] I look forward to maybe doing this again something. I get a great kick out of it.

Mon Mar 18 19:13:42 2002: christienm [0.Msg] Thank you Mary !!

Mon Mar 18 19:13:47 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] as we do

Mon Mar 18 19:13:57 2002: tomp [0.Msg] see if mark can get messenger and we can hear your voice talking

Mon Mar 18 19:13:57 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] thank you sooooooooooo much..brightest of blessings to you and yours Mary

Mon Mar 18 19:14:03 2002: marjie_amandine [0.Msg] love you mary

Mon Mar 18 19:14:11 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] maybe the web cam next time, Mark

Mon Mar 18 19:14:22 2002: carolyna [0.Msg] thank you for your time tonight - and for your music!

Mon Mar 18 19:14:28 2002: tomp [0.Msg] maybe fly me to dubling mark

Mon Mar 18 19:14:34 2002: mary_black [0.Msg] With lots of love to you all, Mary.

Mon Mar 18 19:14:38 2002: mary_black [0.Logout] Logout Request

Mon Mar 18 19:14:43 2002: christienm [0.Msg] Thank you Mark!!!

Mon Mar 18 19:14:46 2002: carolyna [0.Whois] kazi

Mon Mar 18 19:14:47 2002: celticoma [0.Msg] thanks mark

Mon Mar 18 19:14:47 2002: carolyna [0.Whois] kazi

Mon Mar 18 19:14:48 2002: Cherry [0.Msg] this has been great. Please consider coming to Victoria for the Port Fairy Folk Festival next March 2003 - you'd be inundated :)

Mon Mar 18 19:14:52 2002: beckyps [0.Msg] thanks mark lol

Mon Mar 18 19:14:54 2002: nathanm [0.Msg] thanks mark

Mon Mar 18 19:15:00 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] will be in dublin on Sunday *grins* soooooooooo cannot wait!! thank you so very much Mark!

Mon Mar 18 19:15:01 2002: carolyna [0.Msg] thanks, mark.

Mon Mar 18 19:15:05 2002: karens [0.Msg] great job Mark - thanks

Mon Mar 18 19:15:06 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Thanks Mark, see you in Utrecht !

Mon Mar 18 19:15:14 2002: Cherry [0.Msg] thanks mark:)

Mon Mar 18 19:15:22 2002: tomp [0.Msg] thanks mark it was awesome--you the man

Mon Mar 18 19:15:24 2002: Cherry [0.Msg] :)

Mon Mar 18 19:15:26 2002: kazi [0.Msg] Thank you very much, Mark! You are a great organizer!

Mon Mar 18 19:15:29 2002: toneel [0.Msg] Thanks Mary and Mark!

Mon Mar 18 19:15:50 2002: mark [0.Msg] Bye guys and girls. I am glad it all worked out so well. The transcript will be put on the website in a few days.

Mon Mar 18 19:15:56 2002: sammij99 [0.Msg] * ssooooooo applauds again* :)

Mon Mar 18 19:15:56 2002: jaapm [0.Msg] Mary, thanks for your time

Mon Mar 18 19:16:09 2002: mark [0.Msg] Thank you all for making this a great chat session.

Mon Mar 18 19:16:11 2002: mark [0.Msg] bye

Mon Mar 18 19:16:15 2002: tomp [0.Msg] peace

Mon Mar 18 19:16:16 2002: mark [0.Logout] Logout Request