My Last Good ... by Mary Black

By The Sunday Mail

FILM - Shine
"I saw it on video, because I don't get time to go to the pictures much, but I love this kind of biographical movie, plus there was the musical connection. I cried buckets- I love a good weepie"

BOOK - I Know This Much Is True (by Wally Lamb)
"It's a rollicking family saga narrated by a boy who's looking after his schizophrenic twin brother. It really helps you understand the problems faced by carers, and it's full of surprises, which I love"

CD - The Bends - Radiohead
"My sons actually bought it, but they were playing it in the car as we were driving around on holiday, and it really got to me. My sons were a little surprised I liked it, but I'm very open-minded about music"

BUY "A second hand Zodiac boat. It's like a little dinghy with a 25 horsepower engine and trailer, all for £900. Sadly, it's not really built for cruising round the Med, but we like pottering around fishing in it"