Shine - Review

By Rob Beattle, Q Magazine

"Despite her illustrious history with the Irish music scene (most particularly with De Dannan), Mary Black has probably never delivered anything more mainstream than Shine. True, the occasional tin whistles, accordian and fiddles are an agreeable reminder underneath the Hollywood harmonies, but Shine will reassure those put off by any folky tag with it's accessibility and straight ahead poppiness. For once, the single - One And Only - is representative, and takes it's place alongside What Does It Matter and Late Night Radio in reaching Fleetwood Mac - like levels of singability. Elsewhere, there's a creditable cover of Richard Thompson's I Misunderstood, a soaring duet with Paul Brady and, in Trespass Shoes, a fine song of strength and acceptance in a bad relationship ("With your forehead furrowed and your facts all wrong")."

Rating: **** (out of *****)