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Home > Discography > Songs and Lyrics > Without The Fanfare

Songwriter(s): Mick Hanly


I know it's the same old song I'm singing
But this time these words are just for you
That's the only thing that's new
I know that I've sung about a million
Borrowed lines and phrases from a few
This one's till as good as new
Without the fanfare I love you

By day I move words around like flowers
I deliver by the afternoon
"Cause the piper calls the tune
Today I made full use of the hours
I explored the smallest avenue
And that feeling still came through
Without the fanfare I love you

Sure I've lost my way sometimes
But I've had to pay
Sometimes I've gone completely overboard
Moved a million phrases round, tried to make them leave the ground
Still the only line that's soared
Bidding all the rest Adieu
Sounding still as good as new
Without the fanfare I love you

Hello, do I still have your attention?
I forgot to mention thanks again from the captain and the crew
And so without the sweet perfume or roses
I hope you can still believe it's true
Stripped of all that much ado
Without the fanfare I love you
Without the fanfare I love you

Available on

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