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by Thom Moore
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Home > Discography > Songs and Lyrics > There's A Train That Leaves Tonight

Songwriter(s): Sinnott/Henderson


Like a jazz refrain the midnight train is callin'
Hey, you'd best go soon the late night moon is fallin'
Let the nightbirds whisper to themselves
This train pulls out at twelve
High tides breakin' on the shores, church bell tolls


There's a train that leaves tonight
I might just ride on
Nothin' here that makes me wanna stay
There's a train that leaves tonight
I might just ride away

I just can't hope to tell you 'bout the stillness and the quiet
'Bout the frozen fields so lonely and the train songs in the night
About the sounds of nothin' moving, night fields all aglow
I simply got to leave you my heart cries out to go


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