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Home > Discography > Songs and Lyrics > The Fool's Dream

Songwriter(s): Johnny McCarthy & Pat Crowley


I stand on the shore, a-gazing
Looking out on the deep rolling sea
Wishing you're coming back to me
Returning home across the sea
But it's only a fool's dream

My face from you memory faded
Is your mind on some other than me?
You know what it's like now to be free
Or you could be still thinking of me
But it's only a fool's dream

When I am here in this strange land alone
It is you that is always on my mind
Hoping that I will soon be with you
Coming with riches plenty
Returning home across the sea
To make real our fool's dream

United we'll be forever
With our friends all around us to see
How we were always meant to be
To stay together you and me
And it was never a fool's dream

A home we will build together
In the field overlooking the sea
Where we'll have children plenty
All will say it was plain to see
That it never was a fool's dream

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Pat Crowley and Johnny McCarthy - Fool's Dream Other Artists 1998 Additional vocals by Mary Black