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Mary Black Merchandise
9.95 EUR
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On the USA release of the LP (DARA 110) and the Grapevine LP (GRAPELP 002) there is a difference in songs:
  • The first song of the A side is As I leave Behind Neidin
  • On the B side, the second song is Song for Ireland and the third song is Will Ye Gang (from the Black Family album)
 LabelCatalogue NumberDeleted
CD Dara Records DARACD 010  
CD Gifthorse G2-10006  
CD Grapevine GRAPECD 002 X
CD King KICP 95  
LP Dara Records DARA 010 X
LP Dara Records DARA 110 X
LP Grapevine GRAPELP 002 X