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Home > Discography > Main Releases > The Best of Mary Black 1991-2001 & Hidden Harvest

Mary Black Merchandise
14.95 EUR
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Disc A
1 Don't Say Okay 4:53
2 Still Believing 3:42 *1
3 One and Only 4:02
4 Wonder Child 3:59
5 Turning Away 3:54
6 Wildest Dreams 3:43
7 The Loving Time 4:23
8 Summer Sent You 3:56 * 1
9 Speaking With The Angel 3:25
10 I Misunderstood 3:51
11 I Will Be There 4:22 featuring Paul Brady
12 Bless The Road 3:43
13 The Circus 4:11
14 Just a Journey 3:45
15 Flesh and Blood 4:05
16 Song For Ireland 5:22 (2001 version) *2
Disc B
1 Who Knows Where The Time Goes 4:28
2 Ring Them Bells 3:20 Live with Joan Baez
3 Into The Blue 3:03
4 Ae Fond Kiss 4:07
5 Across The Universe 4:41 Live with Noel Bridgeman
6 Good Morning Heartache 3:37
7 I Say A Little Prayer 3:55 Live
8 If I Gave My Heart To You 3:00 With Shane Howard
9 Sonny 4:12 With Emmylou Harris & Dolores Keane
10 Once In A Very Blue Moon 3:01 Live
11 Give A Little Now 4:44
12 The Moon And St. Christopher 4:19 Live with Mary Chapin Carpenter
13 Bhruach na Carraige Báine 4:55 With Séamus Begley
14 Without The Fanfare 4:34 Live

The Best of Mary Black 1991-2001 comes together with the free bonus album Hidden Harvest (disc B), which cannot be bought separately.

*1 On the Japanese version, tracks 2 and 8 are switched
*2 On the European release, track 16 has been replaced with The Dimming of the Day

She has shied away from over-exposure of late, but Mary Black gleefully asserts her identify in this double CD, the second a live stage and studio collection, Hidden Harvest. Her sound swoops from the oceanic sweep of One and Only (from Shine) - an altogether more fruity airing of that voice than the preciousness of some of her earlier work with Declan Sinnott - to the almost prayerful Wonder Child. While the Best Of will garner attention, it's Hidden Harvest that seeps into the subconscious, where the pen torch rather than the searchlight illuminates. Joan Baez lends deliciously earthy vocals to Dylan's Ring Them Bells, and Robbie Burns's Ae Fond Kiss taps the oft-suppressed fragility of Black's vocals perfectly. It's a collection that yields its tastiest palate-teasers to the return visitor.

Four stars

Siobhán Long, Irish Times - The Ticket, 24 October 2001

 LabelCatalogue NumberDeleted
2CD Curb Records B00005QD51  
2CD Dara Records TORTV 1136CD  
2CD Grapevine GRACDB324 X