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Home > Discography > Compilations > A Woman's Heart Then & Now

Mary Black Merchandise
12.95 EUR
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Disc 1
1 Only A Woman's Heart Eleanor McEvoy with Mary Black
  2 Caledonia Dolores Keane  
3 Vanities Mary Black
  4 Blackbird Sharon Shannon  
  5 Wall Of Tears Frances Black  
  6 Summerfly Maura O'Connell  
  7 The Island Dolores Keane  
  8 I Hear You Breathing In Eleanor McEvoy  
9 Sonny Mary Black
  10 Coridinio Sharon Shannon  
  11 Living In These Troubled Times Maura O'Connell  
  12 After The Ball Frances Black  
13 Bright Blue Rose Mary Black
  14 My Love Is In America Dolores Keane  
  15 Look Like Me Eleanor McEvoy  
  16 The Three Headed Monster Sharon Shannon  
  17 Talk To Me While I'm Listening Frances Black  
  18 Mystic Lipstick Maura O'Connell  
Disc 2
  1 To My Bones Wallis Bird  
  2 Impossibly Beautiful Julie Feeney  
  3 Let's Dance Stellarsounds featuring Paula Flynn  
  4 Big Bad Handsome Man Imelda May  
  5 Ocean And A Rock Lisa Hannigan  
  6 Little Red Cathy Davey  
  7 Oliver Gemma Hayes  
  8 Remember When Heathers  
  9 Drifting Roisin O  
  10 Sexy Sita Luan Parie  
  11 Stars Above Maria Doyle Kennedy  
  12 Designer Love Michele Ann Kelly  
  13 Fair and Tender Ladies Lumiere  
 LabelCatalogue NumberDeleted
2CD Dara Records WHTV 2CD 2010