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Home > Discography > Other Artists > Joanie Madden - Songs of the Irish Whistle 2

  • Tracks
  • Releases
  1 John of the Glen  
  2 Charlie Mulvihill's / The Conspiracy  
  3 Pinehurst  
  4 The Twisting of the Rope  
  5 The Munster Cloak  
  6 The Cat's Meow  
  7 The Edge of the White Rock  
8 Bantry Girl's Lament Vocals by Mary Black and Frances Black  
  9 Madame Bonaparte  
  10 Nuala's Bonnet / The Croton Dam  
  11 Homesteaders  
  12 Come by the Hills  
 LabelCatalogue NumberDeleted
CD Hearts of Space 11090-2