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Home > Discography > Other Artists > Christy Moore and Friends

  • Tracks
Disc A
  1 John of Dreams Christy Moore  
  2 The Maid Behind the Bar Stockton's Wing  
  3 Trip to Jerusalem Christy Moore  
  4 Streets of London Ralph McTell  
  5 Patrick was a Gentleman Christy Moore  
  6 East of Glendart Planxty  
Disc B
  1 The Good Ship Kangaroo Planxty  
  2 From Clare to Here Ralph McTell  
  3 Sonny Brogan Stockton's Wing  
4 Anachie Gordon Mary Black  
  5 Cliffs of Dooneen Christy Moore  
  6 The Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Man Christy Moore