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Disc A
  1 The Flogging Reel  
  2 Father Kelly, Bucks of Oranmore  
3 Bogeys Bonney Belle A scottish song of unrequited love and parental interferance  
  4 Uir chnoc chein mhic chainte, Christy Tynan's  
5 Crazy Man Michael A strange song which originally appeared on an early fairport convention album  
  6 Napoleon's Retreat  
7 Martin (Who's the Fool now) An English nonsense drinking song  
Disc B
  1 The Kid on the Mountain, The Foxhunter's Jig,The Foxchase  
2 The Bold Princess Royal 3:07  
  3 The Lonesome Boatman  
  4 The Cock's Crow in the Morning, The Hag that Reared Me, Coppers and Brass  
5 Aonach Mhalla An old lullaby that Mary remembers from her schooldays  
  6 Bagpipe Solo  
 LabelCatalogue NumberDeleted
LP Dolphin Records DOLM 5015 X